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B-12 Helping My Symptoms

Re: the article “Could a Common B-12 Deficiency Be Causing Your Symptoms?”

I have been using the stimulant Adderall for years to help with mental alertness and energy, yet I have not taken any of it [since starting to take B-12], and I feel great! Thank you so very much for all the information you have for people with autoimmune disorders. I love your website. I am a communication scholar and researcher. I also have CFS/FMS. I have been working on research examining the effects of CFS/FMS on people’s identities and relationships with others. Your website provides wonderful information. – Kristin


Baking Without Eggs

I’m vegan, and I’ve experimented quite a lot with replacing eggs in baking. My absolute favorite method is to make “flax eggs.” It’s definitely better than those egg replacement powders. I dare say that the results are even superior to using eggs!

I recommend making these in bulk; it’s easier that way. Combine 1/3 cup flax seeds with 2/3 cup hot water in a blender. Let sit for 15 minutes, then blend until the mixture is gelatinous in texture and whole flax seeds are no longer visible.

One tablespoon of flax eggs equals one egg. However, if you use this egg replacer and you notice that your batter isn’t quite as liquid as it seems it should be, add 2 to 3 tablespoons water, rice milk, or other liquid of your choice.

Whatever flax eggs you don’t use will keep for 2 weeks in the fridge, so you’ll have some on hand for the future. (One tip for using flax eggs is to beat the flax eggs into the oil/liquid before adding dry ingredients. It helps distribute the flax all throughout your batter.) – smhaws


Less Pain and Stiffness – Could it be the MSM?

I’m having less pain & stiffness lately, and I know it’s since I’m taking MSM [methylsulfonylmethane] in powder form…. I’ve been doing LOTS of reading about this “miracle,” and now feeling some of its effects. I’ve taken it over the years but only in caps and only small amounts, like up to 5K per day. [I believe] the key is working up to mega doses.

I deal with OA, Myofascial Pain and some FM, I guess, and have tried everything it seems over the years. No drugs for this stuff, as I’ve had side effects that I don’t want to think about getting ever again. I live in Southern California, and always feel worse when the weather gets colder. We’ve had rain and now about 50 today, but no humidity, but can be bone chilling colder. Blood thins living in warmer climates.

There is a book – The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution for Pain – and I’m going to call my library to see if they have it. You can buy it “cheap lightly used” from Barnes & Noble online… – jaminhealth

Note: The book’s author, Stanley W. Jacob, MD, (director of the DMSO Clinic and professor of surgery at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland) reportedly first discovered the effects and benefits of MSM in 1963. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is defined as a naturally-occurring nutrient and a bioactive form of sulfur that provides antioxidant activity and supports a healthy inflammation response. Sulfur is a component of bones, teeth, and collagen (the protein in connective tissue. MSM is the third most abundant nutrient in the body, is found in highest concentration during infancy, and diminishes as we age. It is also present in whole fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and milk.


Fluoride Documentary

Check out the YouTube video – The Fluoride Deception. Then more will understand the depth of this deception. I’ve been a fighter on this issue for years. – J


Yeast-based Nutrient Safe?

Re: the article on EpiCor trials – “Yeast-based Nutrient Linked to Reduced Cold/Flu Risk & Duration”

Q: Since Candida is suspected to be a problem for many ME/CFS and FM sufferers, it would seem that taking a yeast-based substance as a supplement would be contraindicated. – AuntTammie

A: According to ProHealth’s customer service staff, there is yeast that can cause problems if it gets out of control (like Candida), and then there are benign types of yeast. They said: “EpiCor does not contain any Candida. The yeast that EpiCor is based on is Saccharomyces cerevisiae, or common Baker’s Yeast. Also, the product is pasteurized so that even this benign and harmless yeast is killed. And lastly, EpiCor has been shown to actually inhibit the growth of pathogenic Candida species in laboratory experiments.”


Neuropathy Research News

Re: The study that found acetyl-L-carnitine helps with diabetic neuropathy.

I suffer greatly from neuropathy even though I’m not diabetic. I have FMS. Anything that will help with this terrible burning and stinging will be greatly appreciated. So good to hear that there is (maybe) something out there to help gives me a sense of relief. I liked the article if for no other reason but to know that there is research going on. Thank you. – bevenda


Potential Herpes Cures?

Re: The article “Herpes Simplex virus type 1 DNA is located within Alzheimer’s Disease amyloid plaques.”

[An interesting Youtube video highlights new research on] potential cures and vaccines against the Herpes Ssimplex virus – “The Cure” – soclose787


Flaxseed & IBS Constipation

I suffer with both diarrhea and constipation with IBS, but since I started using linseed (flaxseed) I have found I hardly suffer with constipation, and it has also helped the flatulence as well. I sprinkle 2 dessert spoonfuls on my breakfast cereal every day. Try it, you may find that it will help you also.


Sleep Study Suggested Antispasmodic for Migraine

I used to suffer from daily migraines and sensitivity to light with vomiting (nothing helped, and Fioricet® made me worse). It was awful! My doctor did a sleep study and discovered that I kicked all night and suffered awful pain and muscle tension. I have been taking zanaflex (an antispasmotic muscle relaxer) every night before bed (it will make you sleepy), and my migraines stopped.

I have been migraine free since Jan 2003. If it is possible that your migraines are due to tension or arthritis in the neck, please consider zanaflex or a muscle relaxer and talk with your doctor about it. – /sO/r30


Grapeseed Extract & Circulation

I’ve been taking Grapeseed Extract for 13 yrs and have many books on this great antioxidant. I don’t have diabetes. But GE addresses some 66 health issues, and one of them is diabetes. One person reported in one of my books: “I have diabetes and numb feet. For the last 3 years I needed a heating pad even in the summer. Since taking Grapeseed Extract my spider veins and numbness are now gone. For the first time in 3 years my feet are warm. I have been able to cut my insulin intake by 50%.”

I’m sure there is lots of info on “Dr. Google” re: Diabetes and Grapeseed Extract. GE has been a salvation to my health. I deal with OA, and yesterday while at the podiatrist for some foot cleaning up, the doc said “you have great circulation in your feet.” That was so good to hear. I’m 70. – J

Note: This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is generic and anecdotal and is not meant to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness, condition, or disease. It is very important that you make no change in or addition to your healthcare plan or health support regimen without researching and discussing it with your professional healthcare team.

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