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From Our Readers: Comments & Suggestions – 02/17/2016

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 Re. Lyme Patients to Call on Congress for Decisive Action on Epidemic
We MUST write and call, no matter how hard it is
Millions of us struggle each day, better word is we suffer and also many have died…not to forget, there are millions of others who have NO clue that all their symptoms are Lyme+ and most Doctors will not treat the “cause” of the symptoms…they rather “label” it some other disease…cuz it’s easier.
That all said, we need to SUPPORT those like in this article who are trying hard to help all of us…we NEED to make those calls…write those letters….
Lets also not forget Carl Tuttle with change.org who has been in the Lyme+ Victims corner for a long time now…
This has gone unacceptably from an epidemic into a pandemic..and if you follow the most recent news…There’s over 50 news articles showing the “Tick uprise” or better the INFECTION uprise…What’s ironic is it’s CDC who has now fallen on their face twice and admitted the numbers are sky high..Yet they do NOTHING to protect you or your children!!!
CDC= Center disease CONTROL and PREVENTION 24/7 SAVING lives and PROTECTING people…LMAO…really? Don’t you think it’s time to call congress or any other idiot to try and have them listen? I mean after all, it’s only the lives of the American people!

 Re. How Amino Acid Therapy Helps to Eliminate Symptoms of Depression in Lyme Disease
Enlighting, helpful, article for those Crying in PAIN!!
Myself, as one who has many allergies to various meds,this article gives me hope that if I find the right Doctor I may improve! I am new to this site and am encouraged to find it!!! Thanks!

 Re. 5 Lessons I Have Learned Living With Chronic Illness
These wonderful lessons apply to Borrelia/LYME disease, all coinfections, CFS, FIBRO, etc.  You did a great job of writing the above from the heart; well done!
Betty G, Iowa activist

Re. VIDEO: Lyme Disease in Australia: Two Women’s Battles with Lyme and Government Denial of the Epidemic
I’m sure you have seen Peter Irwin’s recent papers (Murdoch University, Western Australia).

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