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Best Way to Take Probiotics?

Q: I have been taking probiotics for years. I have Fibro and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with IBS, diverticulitis, gluten and lactose intolerance. My question is, should I increase my dosage from one to two times a day? Would that help my symptoms? Can you take too much of them or does the body excrete the excess? – Rose

A: That is a great question. Our first recommendation would be to follow the dosage instructions on the bottle; but you can split that dosage throughout the day. For example, if the bottle says take 1-3 capsules per day you could take one in the morning, one mid-day, and then one in the evening. That way you would split the amounts over the whole day and have a better chance of using all of the probiotics most efficiently. As you said, your body can only process so much of anything at one time.ProHealth Customer Service


Mercury Alert – How Do We Get This Fixed?

Re: “Mercury Alert – New Study Finds Contamination in Much High Fructose Corn Syrup, One-Third of Foods & Beverages Tested”

Somebody really missed the boat on this one. We shouldn’t have to worry about mercury or any other hazardous product showing up in our food supply. There are supposed to be regulations in place that prevent these things from happening. I am suffering from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and both my husband and I have been having symptoms which our doctor has been unable to find a reason for. I have 4 grandchildren in three different families who have ADHD or ADD.

Somebody had better get on the bandwagon now… not in 2012. Who do we write to, to get this moving faster. – Dolly

Note: For more information, see a video interview on “Mercury in High Fructose Corn Syrup” by Dr. David Wallinga, MD, director of the Food and Health Program at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, which did the research highlighting this problem. They suggest “Congress should enact legislation proposed by then Senator Barack Obama two years ago to phase out the use of mercury cell technology in U.S. chlorine plants” – so concerns expressed to representatives in Washington may be helpful.


Wackiest Thing Your Doctor Ever Told You?

Noticed this thread in the Message Board archives today. Thought others might like to see it. – Jean

Note: The thread is long, so allow it a moment to load.


Doc Didn’t Know I Couldn’t Walk…

Think about this. When the Doc finally comes to see you, you’re 99% of the time SEATED on the exam table. He/she will ask questions, listen to you describe your concerns. They consult the info and notes the nurse you saw earlier left for them, decide on a prescription or treatment, and then say “See you in XX weeks!” as they walk out the door. You collect your things, stiffly/painfully get to your feet and hobble out of the office…

One day my sis came with me to the Doc’s (she was concerned about a certain drug he had me on at the time). Everything went as always, until my sis told the Doc she was concerned about my hips because of the awkward way I had to walk (because of the pain in my lower left back and weakness in my knees). She told me to walk to the door and I did. When I turned around, I could see the SHOCK on my PCP’s face.

For 2 years, I had been his patient. It was he who had dx’d me first with FM, referred me to specialists, treated me for my pain. And he never knew that walking for me was excruciating and slow. He wrote me a form for a handicapped card on the spot, and became much more attentive to me on my visits from then on…

Remember: INSIST your doc watch you walk, bend over (or attempt to), sit, rise, etc.! He cannot accurately treat you if he doesn’t SEE the extent to which you are affected… – J


Help for New Carpet Smell

If your room isn’t too large, you can do the following: Spread kitty litter all over the carpet, stay overnight somewhere, or if you can go into another room w/o the new carpet to sleep, that’s good too. Anyway the kitty litter will absorb all the gasses & odors. Then just vacuum up. My daughter has chemical sensitivity & used this method on her new carpeting a few years back. Worked well… Another person I know used baking soda. That didn’t work as well, but did bring down the smell some. – F


Itching Scalp

I had this problem … and started taking Evening Primrose Oil last month. It’s not completely gone, but the itch has subsided dramatically. Incidentally I had a very intense itch on my shins which has dramatically subsided as well. My hair isn’t as dry, and overall my skin looks better, so I am very happy with this supplement. – Laura


Info on Interstitial Cystitis

A great website for… info on Interstitial Cystitis is The website also has a list of foods they recommend avoiding [under “Treatments,” see “Diets”]. The list is long, but most people do not have to avoid all of the foods. I don’t… There are many other suggestions also on the website… I just found that the foods were mainly what caused my flare ups, and when I avoid the foods, it calms down. The same is true with stress – it can also aggravate the condition, but not always.… – Erika


Attention Lapses & Absent-Mindedness in Everyday Life – Take Part in an Online Study

You are invited to participate in a study of attention lapses being conducted by Jonathan Carriere as part of his research under the supervision of Dr. Al Cheyne and Dr. Dan Smilek of the Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada)…. We will very much appreciate your contributions if you should decide to participate in this study…. [See posting in ProHealth Message Board for more about attention lapses and the study, and for information on how to contact the principal investigators if you might like to participate.] – Gapsych


New UK Lyme Documentary

Announcing a new documentary, called “One Tick Away” – from Borreliosis & Associated Diseases Awareness – UK (BADA-UK), which is a registered charity in the United Kingdom. (Note the DVD is not available for shipping outside the UK and Republic of Ireland.)

“One Tick Away” takes an in-depth and sometimes uncomfortable look at the very real effects of Borreliosis (Lyme disease). The film covers the basic facts about tick-borne disease in the United Kingdom. Sufferers, and their loved ones, talk candidly about the impact Borreliosis has had on their lives. With medical and scientific contributions, this documentary gives a significant insight into a hugely misunderstood disease. It was made to raise awareness about tick-borne disease in the UK and it shows the effects of tick-borne disease if not diagnosed and treated promptly.

The documentary is available for purchase from the BADA-UK website (, and a trailer of the film can be seen on YouTube. (The price is £5.99 in the UK and £6.50 in the Republic of Ireland, including postage and packaging.) – BADA-UK


Newsprint Is My Chemical Sensitivity Trigger

I recently realized the reason I felt so sick after eating breakfast was the fact that I’d read the paper while eating. Whenever we went on vacation, I noticed that I didn’t feel sick after breakfast, so I tried to figure out why.

The only difference I could think of was the newspaper, so I experimented by not reading it for a week or so, then going back to reading it, then stopping again… and sure enough that was it! I’d read the daily paper for years and never had the problem till the last year or two. I have to be careful with magazines too. The fresher the ink, the worse the reaction it seems. We have to be our own detectives and our own protectors in this matter! – Vicki


One Man’s Answer to Smelly News

Ink is a big trigger for MCS. That is why you will find that some MCS books are printed with soy ink. I do not know if this works, but I knew of a lady in Chicago that had the same problem with her newspaper. She said her husband would put the newspaper in the clothes dryer [not too hot!] for a while every morning and then she was able to read the paper. We learn to do “strange” things to cope. How they hit on this I do not know. There is a big MCS group in Chicago called “The Canaries.” They put out a newsletter and also meet in person, with strict rules as to what products one can use. – Teaspice

Note: So far, the excellent Canary Times newsletter is sent by snail mail only. You can request a free copy at However – working with DePaul University’s Chronic Illness Initiative – the Group has also created a brilliant linked online Resource Guide for people with MCS and other chronic illnesses that includes national as well as area resources for every need, from Advocacy & Employment to Veterans & Vision-Impaired.
This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is generic and anecdotal and is not meant to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any condition, illness, or disease. It is very important that you make no change in your healthcare plan or health support regimen without researching and discussing it in collaboration with your professional healthcare team.

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4 thoughts on “From Our Readers – Comments & Suggestions 03-04-09”

  1. Sandy10m says:

    Rose, I too had almost exactly the same symptoms that you do. However, I cured the IBS (not possible, right?) by trying different combinations of things and reading a lot of medical textbooks to understand what was happening with my intestines. I had a Candida Albicans (yeast) infection of my intestines. I tested high for Candida in my stool (order kits at Parasitology Clinic, 480-767-2522) and followed through with repeated tests during treatment. I took oral Nystatin powder in solution (Hi-Tech or Paddock), not the premade stuff that has sugar, and I took it for 1 year. This is not absorbed by the body and just works in the intestines, so no fear of toxicity. It’s the same stuff for oral thrush (which is also Candida). Then I switched to a Caveman or Paleolithic diet, without cheating. I killed the Candida, which allowed my intestines to heal, and I no longer have the wheat and milk intolerances (which results from the damage). Read the book “The Yeast Connection” by Dr. Crook for details. Good luck!

  2. Sandy10m says:

    Laura, I also experienced improved skin and hair when taking Omega-3 oil, which is the main ingredient in your evening primrose oil. However, I have menstrual disruption with flax or primrose (due to the estrogen-mimicking qualities of each), so I use fish oil (ensure it’s tested for heavy metals). Works great! Those people with dandruff using Head and Shoulders need to just take more Omega-3 in my opinion.

  3. fibrobutterfly says:

    Interesting. I agree, the drs see you sitting. I also have trouble walking, low back pain and bursitis in hips so they say, etc. It worries me. Did the dr look any further into it I wonder?

  4. lil_biscuit says:

    I was actually relieved to find that I am not the only person allergic to the newspaper! In fact, when I was in grade school back in the ’70’s, they used to print our lined paper every day, before it was available loose-leaf. They used this paper every time we had a test, and every time I would get a severe response to the smell of the paper: headache, nausea and dizziness. Of course I was sent to the nurses office to lay down, but was labeled a hypochondriac by students, teachers and even my family. Years later I discovered that some of the oils used in the ink was what was causing my very real physical reaction. Ah, sweet vindication! At least we can read the news online now, sans smelly, caustic ink!

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