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So ME/CFS Dr. Myhill is Hobbled – What Now?

Re: Transcript of ME/CFS Dr. Sarah Myhill’s General Medical Council Hearing”

With respect to the verdict that Dr. Myhill is not allowed to prescribe medications to her patients. It seems to me, as a person diagnosed with ME/CFS, that at the very least the doctors who insist this illness be treated as a psychological condition should have to face a hearing. We can only hope that other researchers across the globe will somehow loosen the psychiatrists’ political/ideological grip by providing proofs that our illness is real. Until 1921 when insulin extract was developed and tested, nobody knew how to help diabetics. Let’s make this OUR year. – B


Annette Whittemore’s Testimony for CFSAC Meeting Mon, May 10

I think Annette’s testimony is a good statement of what the federal CFS Advisory Committee would have to accomplish to help get urgently needed CFS research done. It’s on the WPI facebook – W

[Note: the important CFSAC meeting will be streamed live online – this Monday, May 10, starting at 9:00 am EST in Washington DC. To find info on the agenda, and link to the live videocast, which will be archived later, click here.]


A Reminder that Household Insecticides Can Be Autoimmune Risk

I came across the link to this article focused on lupus and rheumatoid arthritis in ProHealth’s Arthritis message board. [See ‘Study shows increased risk of autoimmune diseases in women who use insecticides.”]

It was a big study & here’s the gist of it: “In a study of more than 75,000 women, those who used insecticides six or more times a year had nearly two-and-a-half times the risk of developing the autoimmune diseases than women who adopted a live-and-let-live attitude toward bugs. Similarly, the risk more than doubled if bug sprays were used in the home for 20 or more years.”

Apparently bug killers, pet insecticides, etc. don’t break down or dissipate in your house as much as they can outside, and accumulate. – S


Knee Replacement Experiences Give Hope – But Expect to Work!

I can offer some info for those afraid of deciding on a knee replacement. I worked with people that had knee replacements. They did it successfully by going from the hospital right into a rehab place. It was hard work, but they did it. After rehab, they kept going with walkers for a little bit at work (long hours and walking all over the big office). They weren’t young people in any way, but it didn’t age their looks at all, and they had to keep doing their exercises and walking with those new knees. Eventually they totally recovered and were fine. But it is work. Try to replace the fear with utter determination and don’t let the replacements go until you rech the point where you fall. – T

When I was 57, I had a total knee replacement, and it was the best surgery that I ever had! OMG, I felt so much better, even the day after the surgery! Of course, I was all doped up on a morphine pump, but my knee had hurt more than the surgery pain did. No joke. Both of my knees had been bone-on-bone and I was in a wheelchair because I couldn’t walk.

I was in the hospital really for only 3 days, then on the 4th day, I was transferred down to the hospital’s in-patient rehab facility for 2 weeks. We had extensive rehab for 2 times a day for around an hour each time. Then, 3 or 4 times a day, our knees were put on this machine that moved the knee up and down constantly, and they gradually moved the degrees that your knee would be bent on that machine. Some of the much older patients who lived alone, etc., went on to a nursing home that had rehab facilities for another 2 weeks.

When I came home, I had for the next 8 weeks home health care from nurses 2-3 times/week, as well as a physical therapist 3 times a week for the next 8 weeks. Then, I drove myself to outpatient rehab at the hospital (30 miles away) 3 times/week for 18-20 visits (all my insurance would pay for). For the outpatient therapy, I chose the aqua therapy because I have arthritis all over me, as well as lupus and fibromyalgia. I loved the aqua therapy.

You have to be committed to the therapy and take it seriously, or your knee won’t heal like it should… I don’t regret having the surgery for one minute. In fact, it sounds sick, but I’m looking forward to having my other one done – because I know in the long run I will feel SO MUCH BETTER! – J


This Veg Helped my Blood Pressure

When I first started having high blood pressure I got this great book, The High BLood Pressure Hoax, by Dr. Sherry Rogers. She for one talks about celery – 4 stalks per day – as it has an oil in celery that lowers BP. Plus it’s high in fiber… so you’ll get help there too. I was so busy eating celery every day, as I just didn’t want to be a slave to BP meds the rest of my life. They all have side effects. There are many ways to skin this BP cat.

Celery… actually contains God-designed phytochemicals like Apigenin and 3-N butyl phthalide which can RELAX BLOOD VESSELS, providing the benefits of calcium channel blockers… as well as diuretic effects and hormonal effects like lowering norepinephrine… – J

[Note: We haven’t read this book, but a search of the ProHealth library also turned up beets – especially beet juice if you have a juicer – as a helpful dietary option – see “Beet juice more effective than ‘any other known means of enhancing mitochondrial oxygen utilization & physical stamina; lowers blood pressure too.”]


Book Helped Me Cope with Panic Attacks

I used to suffer terrible panic attacks, but the book Hope and Health for Your Nerves by Dr. Claire Weekes absolutely cured me forever. Read the reviews on Amazon to see how this old book has cured so many people.

Anxiety and panic attacks are caused by adrenaline and an off kilter fight/flight response. It gets worse as one becomes fearful not only from the original stressor but also by fear of getting more anxiety or panic attacks, they build on each other. (This is from her book but stated better and more eloquently in the book, plus steps to cure). – H


“Alternative” is Not Synonymous with Lack of Science

Some people think conventional medicine is science based and alternative medicine is based on anecdotes and not science based, because of all the propaganda they hear from the medical establishment and their paid posters. I found a good article that exposes this myth [“The Mythology of Science-Based Medicine,” by Deepak Chopra, et al.]. You can read it at

…Although many alternative treatments are unproven, many have numerous scientific studies showing that they work…. – F


Pharmacy’s Quality is as Good as the Pharmacist

[On the subject of drug outlets & advice on how a generic stacks up versus a branded drug.] I have used mom & pop pharmacies that totally sucked and a couple of chain pharmacies that were just awful. There was a Walmart pharmacist in the town where I used to live. He was a wonderful human being as well as being a good pharmacist. I knew one of the techs who worked there and she said he was the best boss she ever had and everyone enjoyed working with him. She said he would go the extra mile for his customers and for the people he supervised. I know my experiences with that pharmacy were good.

When it comes to pharmacies, the name on the building only goes so far. It is mostly about the quality of the people behind the pharmacy counter. – B


Recommending Two Fibromyalgia Articles

Both of these are science based. Good to know that the American Association of Neurology believes FM is a real illness. – G

• The following is from the AAN patient magazine, Neurology Now, September/October 2009 Volume 5 Issue 5 – “Fibromyalgia: Is Fibromyalgia Real?” by Gina Shaw

• From – “Fibromyalgia misconceptions: Interview with a Mayo Clinic expert” (with Connie Luedtke, RN, nursing supervisor of Mayo Minnesota’s Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Clinic).


Medicare Interactive Tool

AARP, together with the Medicare Rights Center, has created a Medicare Interactive online tool to help provide Medicare information. ( Note: You have to first put your state in the upper right hand corner next to TEXT SIZE. – T


Questions to Ask Your Doctor, by Illness

…Depending on your specific ailment, go to the website below and to the ailment and find helpful questions to ask your doctor about your ailment:

“Actual Questions to Ask Your Doctor” found on website:

Health After 60
• Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Alzheimer’s

Ills & Conditions
• Checklist: Arthritis
• Checklist: Asthma
• Checklist: Depression
• Checklist: Diabetes
• Checklist: GERD
• Checklist: Gout
• Checklist: Heart Disease
• Checklist: Laboratory Tests
• Checklist: Medications
• Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Allergies

Men’s Health
• Checklist: Enlarged Prostate

• Pregnancy: Questions for You and Your Doctor – T


Fluoride Battle News from a Fluoride Battler

I’ve been in the anti-fluoride battle for many years and particularly here in my So. Cal. town, and lost our 3+ yr battle to the fluoridationists a couple years ago… I follow and support Dr. Paul Connett’s work and here is some of the latest worldwide “F” news:

1. Time Magazine in its April 12th issue has an article discussing common household toxics to which we and our kids are exposed. Time lists fluoride in its “Top 10 Common Household Toxins.” They describe fluoride as “neurotoxic and possibly tumorogenic if swallowed.”

2. Louisiana: Legislation is advancing in the Senate to forbid the purchase of water fluoridation chemicals from China. The Advocate, April 14.

3. Southhampton UK: Lib Dem, Tory and Green candidates for the parliamentary seats in Southampton have said they opposed plans to add fluoride to the city’s tap water. BBC News, April 10.

4. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada: Carol Clinch of People for Safe Drinking Water is challenging the legality of using hydrofluorosilic acid to fluoridate Waterloo’s drinking water by filing a complaint with Health Canada. Waterloo Chronicle, April 14.

If anyone has an interest in this “toxin” you can find tons of valuable info at Fluoride Action Network site (FAN). You go to the CDC and they’ll tell you how great it is. Don’t believe them. – H


Make Your Own Products Out of Vinegar

Okay those creative minds, or people who want to look up stuff on the Internet… What are some products we can make with distilled white vinegar? I’ll start:

Distilled white vinegar is a good fabric softener (, if you put it in only at the second rinse cycle, not the first. – F

[To see more good ideas & add your own, see ProHealth’s Chit Chat message board.]
Note: This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is generic, anecdotal, and opinion-based, and is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness, condition or disease. It is very important that you make no change in your healthcare plan or health support regimen without researching and discussing it in collaboration with your professional healthcare team.

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