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From Our Readers: Comments & Suggestions – 12/16/2015

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Re. Six Simple Ways to Avoid Parasitic Infection…And What to Do If You Get One
Don’t walk barefoot?
This is a very good article. However, I have recently discovered earthing / grounding and I find it has helped my health enormously with reducing inflammation and chronic pain etc. It has also improved my sleep a lot. And my Lyme seizures have stopped! Walking barefoot is one way to connect with the earth. There is science behind it. You can find it at Apparently when we connect with the earth the electrons come up through our body and help to heal us. Being disconnected with the earth is what has caused a lot of our health problems as we walk with plastic-soled shoes. It is also very good to wade at the beach and get the energy from both the earth and the water. I believe it is good to walk barefoot (in countries where this is safe to do so) but make sure to wash afterwards.

Re. 20 Helpful Tips for Cleaning and Organizing When You’re Chronically Ill

Thank you for sharing your experiences and tips to help. I felt as if this was written just for me. I think I may be halfway between where you started and where you are now. When I was working full time, I did all my housework on Saturdays. I try to remind myself to pace myself and spread it out now. It’s a very hard habit to break. I do delegate chores to my kids and husband. I think they still have trouble understanding that my invisible illness is more real than it shows. Plus I still have trouble letting the responsibility go. I have always been so independent, organized, and sometimes labeled a workaholic. Now I’m none of the above. I’m still in transition and knowing that someone else has been through a similar transition and has found a way to make it work helps. Thank you.

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Are you vitamin d deficient?

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