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Re. Yolanda Hadid Receives ProHealth’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Lyme Disease Advocacy
From jack@nhs :
Excellent interview
Amazing interview of Yolanda Hadid by my friend Connie Strasheim. Much about Yolanda's journey had been reported on negatively in the media. I think she will recover and inspire the Lyme community in years to come. Connie's interview is positive and upbeat as are her many published books.

Re. Lyme Bacteria Hides Inside Parasitic Worms, Causing Chronic Brain Diseases
From Betty G:
CLARIFICATION, Sue Ferrara is media relations for charity, Patient Centered Care Advocacy Group
I've heard recently of the confusion that Sue Ferrara was representing the Duray Research Foundation in writing the above new release.
NO, she was representing Bruce Fries new charity, Patient Centered Care Advocacy Group org.
Sue Ferrara
Media Relations
Patient Centered Care Advocacy Group
Betty Gordon, Iowa
attendee of above event & know background of BOTH organizations mentioned above 😉

Re. The Link Between Lyme Disease and Cancer
Definite Feeling of Links Between Lyme, Cancer & Sugar Problems – Pituitary Tumour – Prolactin
I have tested positive on the Eliza, Western blot and then also finaly at IGENEX for Lyme, however my Lyme will never be admitted because a couple of other Canadian tests were negative Three types of Lyme had been detected in the various tests – Afzelli, Garinii, and Burgdorferi. I once owned 6 cats who brought home ticks (and slept on the bed) so this was why I asked for the test. I also had low blood platelets.
I also have sugar related problems. I came from a family of diabetics and have a macro adenoma which causes high prolactin (or is caused by it), so I have to take medicine to keep that down for life as well.
I also have very painful severe arthritis in spine and knees, as well as breast cancer and metastatic cancer in the lymph nodes. Also suffer from chronic numerous precancerous skin conditions and melasma, which makes me more subject to melanoma than most. I am also now suffering from severe neurological pain and increasing difficulty walking.
I definately believe there is a very strong relationship between Lyme and cancer, but since Lyme is recognized only by naturalists and cancer mainly by the standard medical field who will have nothing to do whatsoever with naturalists, I certainly don't expect any cure; nor did I want treatment for metastatic cancer knowing doctors would probably remain ignorant about the connection between Lyme, cancers, and those with high prolactin for at least another 40 years. They will continue to deny Lyme forever, so obviously they cannot and will not make the association of this constant and severe inflammation with cancers either, nor will most recognize also the high association between pituitary tumours that produce high prolactin (which about one in six of us have) and breast and metastatic cancers.
Gosh, I wish patients didn't always have to be so many years ahead of doctors. So many of us are dying because they aren't keeping up with the information and we are therefore being denied proper treatment. What's the point of poisoning myself with chemo, radiation, and being cut to pieces, when they will never address the connections and therefore may never address the causes of cancer?
I am currently trying DCA and so far this has made the swelling in my lymph glands go away but has not done anything in a couple of months yet for the size of the pituitary tumour.
And yes, like so many of you who may be dying from something similar, I also received that dreaded polio shot in the 1950's and early 60's that contained the SV40 monkey virus. Worse yet, my blood was A negative, so I suspect the damage from those 40 different viruses may have been more severe than in those who had the Rhesus factor already in their blood.

Re. The Importance of Spirituality in Lyme Disease
Dealing with this Disease Spiritually
I found this article so inspiring. It takes you through not only dealing with the disease, but using the spirituality in her religion to help guide her through it all. Learning to let go of the anger and embracing her religion with prayers and scripture readings. This I found so encouraging and seeing how this helped her be strong to get through all of this.
This is such an encouraging article. It gives people hope and inner strength to deal with all there is to deal with Lyme Disease.
An article comment has been posted by Mikie :
Thank You

Re. Yolanda Hadid Receives ProHealth’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Lyme Disease Advocacy
Dear Yolanda,
I've followed you and your family in the media and I've been a fan of your TV show. You have shown immense courage in your fight for a cure and for your own healing. You have used your celebrity status for the highest good, advocating for a cure and for understanding of this horrible disease. Thank you!
I would wish that we don't feel we need to compete with other diseases and conditions for government funding. Zika is a horrible disease which is causing devastating brain damage in babies born to mothers with Zika. Unlike with Lyme, these children exhibit physical symptoms which may make the case for Zika more compelling to those who hold the purse strings. As you mentioned, many with Lyme don't look sick and it's difficult for others to understand how sick they are.
How much better it would be if our government would spend even a small amount of what is wasted on other spending, including military, to do research for cures for Lyme and other diseases. We might have found cures had we spent the money invading Iraq on medical research instead.
Again, thank you for all you are doing and best of luck to you.
Love, Mikie

Re. Yolanda Hadid Receives ProHealth’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Lyme Disease Advocacy
Congrats Yolanda! My husband's LD/LEWY BODY dementia autopsy making WORLDWIDE HISTORY!
Thanks for doing a great interview with Yolanda.
Yolanda, thank you for sticking up for yourself and pursuing the FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN in finding out what illnesses you/we have and what we CAN do to treat ourselves.
You've done an excellent job of telling it like it is; I wish the best for you 2 children with lyme also.
I was recently in Wash. DC for 1st time at the MAY DAY RALLY, IDSA protest, lyme memorial, science & policy 3 hr. meeting with various speakers, and talking to my IOWA reps from Senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley discussing lyme and much more was discussed by Bruce Fries!
2 weeks ago, I received the following letter:
The White House
May 17, 2016
Mrs. Betty Gordon
Dear Betty:
I appreciated your message and was saddened to learn of the loss of your husband, Jack. Few things can heal the ache a loved one leaves behind, but I hope you find some comfort in knowing your efforts may help spare others the pain you have had to bear.
In your resolve, we see the fortitude of the American spirit.
Stories like yours motivate my Administration as we continue to support medical research and strive to improve the lives of all those touched by illness.
I trust you take pride in the work you are doing, and I wish you all the best.
Barack Obama
I had written to my senators to support our LD bill in congress with copies to Pres. & VP.
I also informed them of Jack's brain autopsy results making WORLDWIDE HISTORY finding 2 diseases NEVER found together before!
Borrelia/Lyme disease and LEWY BODY DEMENTIA like Robin Williams had causing violent hallucinations.
Jack was never diagnosed or treated for either of these 2 diseases.
He was misdiagnosed also for 35 yrs. as I was, but he was bitten 10 yrs. later than me; together, we've had chronic lyme 82.5 years!!
Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's research team wrote me today that when Jack's scientific medical journal article is written up, they want the link to it!!
PROGRESS is being made in small steps.
BettyG, Iowa widow/activist

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