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From Our Readers- Comments & Suggestions – 8/3/2016

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Re. Development and evaluation of a broad-range PCR-ELISA assay with Borrelia burgdorferi and Streptococcus pneumoniae as model organisms for reactive arthritis and bacterial meningitis.
From Moreisless :
Congratulations on your achievement on the PCR-ELISA assay, and thank you for your devotion. After 15 years’ development, there should be much more advanced assay in this kind. Creative Bioarray is proficient in providing research related probes, cells and so on, and welcome communications in this kind.

 Re. Study Shows Chronic Lyme Disease Is at the Root of Multiple Sclerosis
From AliceA 
Some months ago I did an online search for treating Lyme disease with hyperthermia. I found a description for home treatment done in a tub in 109 degree water to bring body temperature up to 105 degrees (cold pack on the head, as I recall) for a set period of time (sorry- it was either 30 or 60 minutes). I cannot accurately recall the frequency but one can do an internet search to discover the particulars. I called one clinic that was using this treatment and reported 50% recovery rate though they didn’t mention how many treatment were associated with this outcome.

 Re. The Medicinal Uses of Cannabis in the Treatment of Lyme Disease and Related Conditions
From tgavett
How did you take the oil? Did you just take the drops by mouth or put it on your skin?

Re. VIDEO: Kris Kristofferson’s Memory Loss Caused by Lyme disease
From Bettyg
Happy Kris finally got diagnosed CORRECTLY to treat his Lyme disease!
Kris, welcome to our Lyme/tick-borne co-infection community of over 1 million in USA plus internationally!
It’s not by choice you are here with us, like us.
I and my late husband, Jack, were both misdiagnosed 35 yrs. EACH! Jack was bitten 10 yrs. later then me. Between the 2 of us, we’ve had chronic lyme 82.5 years to date!
Jack passed 11.13.14, 2 nights after being diagnosed with cancer of r. lung/liver areas; another shock.
I had his brain autopsied; 11.22.15, I received the news from Dr. Alan MacDonald, patholist, Florida, that Jack’s brain has made WORLDWIDE news having 2 diseases NEVER found together before!!
Borrelia/lyme disease and LEWY body dementia causing violent hallucinations like Robin Williams had.
Because Jack is the 1st in world with these 2 diseases, he is being written up to be published in an UNKNOWN at this time scientific medical journal !!
I will be shown as 1st co-author, me a NON-medical person, over 3 medical folks!!
To date Jack’s brain has had 3 major discoveries: 2 diseases above, Alpha
Synuclein, and a filarial nematode worm when cut in HALF showed LYME disease inside it!!
So Kris, make sure you are checked for and treated for parasite worms too or your treatment for lyme disease and/or co-infections will not be helped until you get parasites under control.
Best wishes Kris; we have enjoyed your music since your beginning of your career.
BettyG, Iowa lyme/lewy body dementia/parkinson’s/cancer activist
ID: 7776

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