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General Health Bulletin 02/26/03

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FEATURES – February 26, 2003:

* Surveys Find Chronic Conditions a Widespread Concern

* Researchers Call for Longer-term Use of Antidepressants

* Eating Eggs May Protect Against Breast Cancer

* Eating Lots of Unsaturated Fats May Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease


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Feature Articles


Surveys Find Chronic Conditions a Widespread Concern

A majority of physicians, policy makers, and the public are concerned that the nation’s health care system does not address the needs of people with chronic medical conditions, according to the results of surveys conducted by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Researchers Call for Longer-term Use of Antidepressants

Authors of a United Kingdom (UK) study published in this week’s issue of The Lancet highlight how longer-term use of antidepressants-by a year or more in addition to standard 4-6 month treatment-could substantially reduce the risk of relapse for people with depressive disorders.

Eating Eggs May Protect Against Breast Cancer

Women who ate more eggs during their high school years may be less likely to develop breast cancer. New research from Harvard University published in the journal Breast Cancer Research, found that higher levels of egg consumption during adolescence are associated with a decreased risk of breast cancer. Eating dietary fiber and vegetable fat was also attributed to a reduced risk of developing the disease, while butter appeared to increase the risk.

Eating Lots of Unsaturated Fats May Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Eating lots of unsaturated, unhydrogenated fats may be protective against Alzheimer’s disease (AD), whereas eating lots of saturated or hydrogenated fats may increase the risk, according to an article published in the February issue of The Archives of Neurology.


Research Spotlight: Relora®


Relora®, a natural patent-pending plant extract of Magnolia and Philodendron proved highly effective in recent clinical studies, helping to alleviate stress induced obesity, anxiety and irritability, according to Next Pharmaceuticals Inc., the product’s manufacturer.

The research showes Relora significantly alters the hormone levels associated with stress-induced obesity. These findings not only support earlier research demonstrating that Relora provides significant relaxation and more restful sleep in stressed individuals, but that it also offers new hope for many people whose weight problems are often stress-related.

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