General practitioners acceptance of the validity of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) as a diagnosis

AIM. To identify whether general practitioners accept the validity

of a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).


anonymous questionnaire was sent out to 98 general

practitioners in Otago.

RESULTS. The clinical validity of

chronic fatigue syndrome was accepted by 74 (90%); 57 believed

they had sufficient knowledge about the condition to make a

differential diagnosis; 72 indicated they had had patients

with chronic fatigue syndrome in the past; 62 currently had

patients; there is a minimum prevalence rate of 167/100,000 in

the general practice population; 83 replies were received.

CONCLUSION. The 90% acceptance rate of chronic fatigue

syndrome as a clinically valid diagnosis suggests that amongst

the Otago general practitioners the controversy had receded.

The low numbers suggest that they are on the conservative end

of the diagnostic spectrum.

Denz-Penhey H, Murdoch JC

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