Genotoxicity & chronic health effects of automobile exhaust: a study on the traffic policemen in the city of Lanzhou

A study on the health and genotoxic effects of occupational exposure

to automobile exhaust was carried out among traffic policemen

in Lanzhou (China) in 1996. A total of 78 traffic policemen

working in the field was the exposed group, and 57 household

register policemen working in the office was the control

group. The health effects were evaluated by health

questionnaires. Significant differences were observed between

the exposed and control groups with respect to the morbidity

of rhinitis, pharyngitis, trachoma, syndrome of neurasthenia

and joint pain, apart from disorders in the digestive system.

The percentage of rhinitis and pharyngitis obtained in the two

groups was significantly higher among the smokers than among

the nonsmokers. The frequencies of micronuclei (MN) and

sister-chromatid exchanges (SCEs) were measured in peripheral

blood lymphocytes from the two groups of volunteers. Compared

with the control group, statistically significant increases of

MN and SCE were found for the exposed group. The increase in

the induction of MN and SCE among the traffic policemen and

household register policemen is enhanced further by smoking.

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