Ginkgo Shown To Improve Memory

A recent study published in a prestigious British medical journal, The Lancet, gives scientific credence to the therapeutic use of Ginkgo biloba for problems associated with insufficient blood flow to the brain. An extract made from the leaves of the ginkgo tree is frequently prescribed by European pharmacists for the treatment of symptoms commonly found in the elderly that are associated with impaired cerebral circulation. These symptoms include lack of energy, absent- mindedness, memory loss, depression, anxiety, and dizziness.

In a review of 40 published clinical trials that evaluated the efficacy of ginkgo, The Lancet considered eight to be of good scientific quality. Of those eight trials, all but one showed clinically relevant positive effects of ginkgo in the treatment of impaired cerebral circulation. In some trials, large differences were found, whereas in others, smaller but still significant differences appeared after six weeks to there months of treatment. No serious side-effects were noted in any of the trials.

The Lancet concluded that ginkgo extract could be useful for patients with mild to moderate symptoms resulting from insufficient blood flow to the brain.

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