Glial expression of presenilin epitopes in human brain with cerebral infarction and in astrocytoma.

Presenilins, some gene mutations of which are associated with familial Alzheimer’s disease (AD), are expressed mainly in neurons in normal brains and brains from patients clinicopathologically diagnosed as AD. They are thought to be related to cell death and survival.

We studied the immunolocalization of presenilin to investigate its possible relation to cell death and glial proliferation, using two antibodies against different portions of the presenilin 1 protein, in human brains with cerebral infarction and in astrocytoma, where abundant cell death and glial proliferation are present. Expression of presenilin epitopes was more marked in glial cells than in neurons in and around the ischemic focus, and it was also robust in astrocytoma cells.

These findings suggest that presenilins are functioning not only in neurons but also in glial cells in reactive and neoplastic proliferation.

Source: Acta Neuropathol (Berl) 1999 Oct;98(4):337-40

PMID: 10502036, UI: 99431461

(Department of Neuropathology, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute for Neuroscience, 2-6 Musashi-dai, Fuchu, Tokyo 183-8526, Japan.)

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