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Help Karina – Donate To Save4Children!

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Article reprinted with the kind permission of ME Global Chronicle.

The charity Save4Children has been created by the editors of the ME Global Chronicle ( and helps parents whose children have been forced into psychiatric wards by authorities, to try and set them free by legal procedures, if the parents have proven to be incapable of affording needed legal assistance.

They helped in Joanne’s case – the German teenager who has been held under psychiatric care for 18 months, and Joanne has been allowed to go home last July. Now they would like to help Karina Hansen.

Karina is a severely-ill ME patient who has been held in a hospital against her will for 2 ½ years. Her parents are still not allowed to see her. Her condition is worse now than when she was forcibly removed in 2013.

She can no longer speak in full sentences. She sits in a wheelchair and mumbles to herself. She is allowed to wear her earplugs as she becomes very distressed when they have tried to take them from her.

When she was first taken, she actively resisted treatment and was therefore given the diagnosis of Pervasive Refusal Syndrome (PRS).

This is the same diagnosis as Joanne was given. Now Karina no longer resists treatment and the psychiatrists claim that this is improvement. Karina has never resisted eating, which is a core symptom of PRS, so of course this diagnosis is completely ridiculous.

Also, Karina is a young adult and PRS is exclusively a pediatric diagnosis. Although it does not look good for Karina at the moment, the fact that “Joanne” has been released gives us hope.

Please Donate


If you would like to help, please donate to Save4Children.

The money that will be donated will be transferred in mutual deliberation to a volunteer non-profit civil rights group called The Citizens Right’s Group (Borgeretsbevægelse) that has taken up Karina’s case.

CRG fights for cases that are examples of principle human rights violations and they are finding many violations in Karina’s case.

Donation Instructions for English Language

  1. Go to the site

  2. Click on “EN” next to the Facebook icon in the upper right corner, which changes site to English translation

  3. Click the “Donate Now” button in the right hand column

  4. Enter the amount in Euros, and select the payment method (e.g. for USA: Paypal or credit card) Currently: 1 euro = 1.13 US dollars (click here for latest exchange rate)

  5. Fill in your name, and address

  6. Add a comment “For Karina Hansen”

  7. Select the large black “Donate Now” button 

Further Information About Karina And Her Case


Information about Karina and the case can be found in this and future issues of the ME Global Chronicle and at these sites:

Justice for Karina Hansen – find info under notes.
Two videos about Karina from 2013:
The Citizen’s Rights Group – documents in the case in Danish
New documents will be added as they become available.
Visit the ME Global Chronicle

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (13 votes, average: 4.85 out of 5)

One thought on “Help Karina – Donate To Save4Children!”

  1. Matariki says:

    I have read about this on several websites and find it extremely difficult to understand how this can happen. It is confusing why a so-called enlightened country should have this attitude when there is so much information on ME is now available. Why is it that this illness being psychiatric prevail?

    Karina has suffered greatly through this experience so when she is allowed to return home the damage will be obvious and my guess she will be abandoned and her parents will be left to cope with the consequences.

    There must be others in the same position and I weep for them.

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