HFME Guidelines for Helping ME Patients Manage Adrenalin, Avoid Post Exertion Relapse

The Co-Cure Listserv shared the following on November 6:

A new HFME [Hummingbirds' Foundation for ME] paper by Jodi Bassett is available, titled "Assisting the M.E. patient in managing relapses and adrenaline surges." It begins:

M.E. patients have strict limits on how active they can be. If these limits are breached, symptoms worsen immediately and there is also a further deterioration 24 to 48 hours later, as well as the potential for repeated or severe overexertion to prevent any type of recovery, or cause disease progression or even death.

This paper explains how carers, doctors, and also friends and family members and partners of M.E. patients, can help patients to avoid overexertion and so have their best possible long-term health outcome.

It also describes the characteristics and signs of adrenaline surges and relapses in M.E. for the benefit of these individuals, as well as for newly ill M.E. patients themselves.

This paper is designed to be read together with the more detailed "Hospital or carer notes for M.E."  paper [also on the HFME site].

To read "Assisting the M.E. patient in managing relapses and adrenaline surges," go to www.hfme.org/adrenalinesurgetips.htm

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