Interview: Arthritis Survivor Margie Garrison

Margie Garrison is a former arthritis patient and author of the book, “I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too!” To learn more about Margie and her book please visit:

ArthritisSupport (AS:) When were you diagnosed with arthritis, and with what type (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis)?

Margie Garrison (MG): I was about 22 years old when I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

AS: How did you feel both physically and mentally at the time of your diagnosis?

MG: I had always been in great pain since the age of eleven, after I had fallen against a metal bar at a carnival ride. I was always told it was growing pains, or I was faking it, or that I would outgrow it.

AS: What types of treatments did your physician(s) prescribe, and at what point did you decide these treatments were not helping you manage the disease?

MG: The first treatment I received was gold treatments, which did nothing but make my face go round and make me miserable. I called the Arthritis Foundation for the name of a specialist and I changed doctors.

I was then put on steroids and had a week’s stay in the hospital. I had a series of weights put on my feet, I guess to make me taller, who knows, but it was awful. I also had a spinal tap as well as a spray applied to where I hurt. The spray stopped the pain for maybe two hours, but the doctor decided it was not a practical treatment for me because it had to be done by a doctor in the office, and it was expensive.

Another of the 13 doctors I went to said one of my legs was shorter than the other. He had me put lifts in one shoe. This was expensive, and then he later said that did not work! I was then told to take just aspirin. Additionally, I was told to exercise, but not to exercise if it hurt. Since I hurt 24/7 I was puzzled. Finally I was put on a series of painkillers that started with codeine and then avocet.

At age 54, when I was at my wits end, I was taking up to 12 avocets and 26 aspirin daily. I decided this could not go on. I could not face waking up in the morning. My hands and feet were so swollen and painful to the touch I just could not function. I even had to put a mattress in the back of my station wagon so I could at least get out and get some fresh air and scenery.

At that point I found Jack Goldstein M.D. and his book, “Triumph Over Disease Through Fasting,” and called him. I did just what he said to do, and got pain relief within days.

AS: What kinds of alternative treatments did you find helped you fight the disease?

MG: First, I bought a juicer and juiced my foods. I stopped all sugars, eating white flour and most cooked foods. No more caffeine and lots and lots of water.

I gave up on all medications, and went to the Pawlings Health Manor to fast. I stayed one-week and drank only water. It turned out to be the beginning of the end of my arthritis.

AS: Briefly describe the lifestyle changes you undertook as part of your treatment. What foods did you eat? How much did you exercise? Overall how well did each of these changes help you?

MG: I ate plenty of salads and drank at least three glasses of fresh juice per day. I started walking at least 15 minutes a day after I finished my fast, and worked it up to ½ mile and then a mile daily. Each step helped. I became more clear headed, I slept better and I was happy. My hands and feet were no longer swollen and I could hold hands with my husband for the first time.

It was a major shift in my life style. I had more ambition. The experience made me so angry with those 13 doctors that I wrote my book [“How I Cured My Arthritis, You Can Too”] in about three weeks and never looked back.

AS: If these methods have helped you and others beat arthritis, why do you think it isn’t widely accepted or practiced among physicians and the medical community?

MG: In my research for the book I discovered that this method of treatment had been available since 1876. It was used to cure people of all sorts of diseases, especially the epidemics of that era.

Doctors for purely financial reasons did not accept it. As Dr. Jung of Cal wrote:

“I had to treat my patients with arthritis in secret so I would not loose my hospital privileges. I had a family and mortgages and responsibilities.”

The Arthritis Foundation was so upset with me that when I went to one of their conventions and tried to talk to people there about my success, they had the security guards physically escort me out. They did not ask me to leave, but took me by the arms and marched me out!

I was angry and devastated. I then learned that the top people in this organization had no interest in finding a cure. In the 80’s they were making in excess of $150,000 a year and had chauffeured limousines. I found this case to be true in most degenerative disease organizations. A cure would put them out of business.

When Jack Goldstein M.D. asked to speak at a colitis convention and told how he cured his colitis with this method, he was also physically taken off the stage. It is a disgrace. I understand the doctor’s frustration, but it is a matter of getting people healthy, not making money.

AS: How do you feel about current pharmaceutical therapies, such as non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), COX-2 inhibitors, etc.?

MG: I am strongly opposed to all of them. They make money for the drug companies at the expense of the person who needs help. I took NSAIDS for years, until I got better by stopping all drugs and then reading all of the research. I was astounded by the side effects. I think it is criminal to give them to anyone. The side affects are worse than the disease.

All drugs have side effects. People with degenerative diseases do not need these side effects and besides they do not work. My newsletter, “Amazing Secrets To Fantastic Health” is dedicated to showing people that drugs are not needed because there is a better way.

AS: What can patients expect to feel as they progress along your plan? Is it very difficult? Is it safe?

MG: They can expect to feel better in the first day or so and then have maybe one or two days of feeling worse than ever as they detoxify their system. Then it is a process of every day feeling better and better. They will feel the old pain return if they eat something that is a no-no and it will last about twelve hours and go away. They learn that if they continue to eat that food they will pay with pain.

The plan is very safe. Patients do not stop any medications they are on, and were given to them by doctors. Doctors do that. It is easy to follow if they are sincere and honest with themselves that they want to stop hurting. For those who want to continue to hurt and not change their lifestyle it is difficult. Some people like to use their arthritis as an excuse to not do things and to get coddled and attention.

Dr. Portnoy, who wrote the first testimonial in my book, was devastated that he could help some of his patients but not his mother. She suffered very much. She was in a wheelchair, had a nurse, a chauffeur and was afraid of losing all that. She refused to do what he said would help her.

AS: Did you have a support group helping you along? Do you feel that is important?

MG: No, there were none at that time. Because of the dedication of Dr. Goldstein and the time and effort he put into helping me, I have dedicated my life to being there for those who hurt. My phone number is available. I take all calls and answer all emails. I encourage people to let me help them help themselves. I cannot imagine what I would have done if I had not found this method of changing my life.

AS: What is the most important thing for arthritis patients to remember while on their way to wellness?

MG: If it is to be up to me, they should write this on 3×5 cards and put them everywhere:

* Learn to listen to their bodies.

* Read, study, and talk to those who have changed their health, not to those who just want to give them cover-up drugs.

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