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Join the Millions Missing Thunderclap!

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The #MillionsMissing aren’t strangers to you. They are your friends and family, neighbors and coworkers. They are 20 million strong, worldwide.
#MillionsMissing is a global movement to raise awareness and achieve rights for citizens with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Millions are missing from their careers, schools, families and lives because of this disabling disease; but there is little to no medical training for clinicians or research funding for scientists eager to work on treatments.

Compared to the similar illness multiple sclerosis, the difference is staggering: MS is half as common but research in the US is funded at a rate of 20 times higher per patient.  In Canada, the situation is yet more dire, with the government spending an average of $0.52 per patient per year.

M.E. is not a rare illness, and it does not affect a special population: anyone can contract M.E., regardless of age, gender, or background. 
On Tuesday September 27th, the #MillionsMissing will have a global day of action to demand funding and medical training commensurate with the disease severity and economic burden. Protesters will demonstrate in 24 cities globally. Displays of empty shoes will represent the millions of ME patients too sick to participate — both in the protests and in their lives.

Raise your voice with us to demand fair funding, equitable research, and a seat at the table for the #MillionsMissing. Make this invisible illness visible on September 27 by sharing our message using the links HERE.

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