Lack of correlation between the mean tender point score & self-reported pain in fibromyalgia (FM)

OBJECTIVES: To study the validity and nature of self-assessed

symptoms among patients with fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) and

to compare our data with findings reported in the US. To

determine whether tender point scores correlate with

self-reported pain and other symptoms and to study the

influence of disease duration.

METHODS: Tender point scores

were assessed in 113 consecutive patients with FMS. All

patients completed 2 self-assessment questionnaires (an

extended Campbell list, the Enschede Fibromyalgia

Questionnaire, and the Dutch Arthritis Impact Measurement


RESULTS: The self-assessed symptoms of the Dutch FMS

patients seem to be valid and are comparable with those of

American patients. No association between disease duration and

number of self-reported symptoms was found. An association

between self-reported pain and mean tender point score was

lacking for patients with disease of shorter duration and was

weak for patients with disease of longer duration.

CONCLUSIONS: The use of a self-report questionnaire for

patients with FMS is feasible and appears to be valid. Tender

point scores and self-reported pain represent very different

aspects of pain in FMS.

Jacobs JW, Rasker JJ, van der Heide A, Boersma JW, de Blecourt AC,

Griep EN, van Rijswijk MH, Bijlsma JW

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