Lecture: Dr. Richard Bruno on the Connection Between CFS/FM and Post-Polio Syndrome

Massachusetts CFIDS/FM Association’s Spring 2002 Education Program


Sunday, JUNE 9th 2PM-4PM

Title: Common Ground: The Connection between CFIDS/FM and Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS)

Dr. Bruno is the author of the new book, THE POLIO PARADOX: UNCOVERING THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF POLIO TO UNDERSTAND AND TREAT “POST-POLIO SYNDROME” AND CHRONIC FATIGUE. He is the Director of Fatigue Management Programs and The Post-Polio Institute at Englewood (NJ) Hospital and Medical Center. PPS shares many common symptoms with CFIDS/FM –overwhelming fatigue, muscle weakness, muscle and joint pain, sleep disorders, and heightened sensitivity to cold and pain. Come and learn about the intersection of these two illnesses, and his treatment approach.

This is a joint program with the Greater Boston Post Polio Association (phone 781-596-8245).

New Location Of Lecture:

Wellesley Community Center, 219 Washington St. (Rt. 16), Wellesley.

Cost: Programs are Free to 2002 members. $5 donation for non-members.

For further information contact:

Mass. CFIDS/FM Association

PO Box 690305, Quincy MA 02269-0305

Info line: 617-471-5559

Website: masscfids.org

Email: masscfids@attbi.com

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