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Letter of the Week 3-14-07

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This week’s letter of the week was written by Denise Breslin. Denise wins a $25 gift certificate for ProHealth supplements.

Message Board Helps Keep Dreams Alive

A long overdue thank you for the unbelievably great message board along with your newsletter and store.

I have been 'shedding' friends over the last six months – some have shed themselves! Others had to be gently shed. It has been an enormous comfort having conversations with the wise, kind, funny people on your message board. I know now that I am not a freak, or a loser, but someone going through a chronic illness and its peripheral effects. And I feel good giving back to those having problems.

As far as information, the message board is a great way to research different healing options – from supplements to the Marshall Protocol to nutritional choices to spirituality, etc. What an invaluable asset!

My dream is to have millions of dollars for a ‘scholarship’ fund that would let me give $1,000 gifts to CFS/FMS people who are having financial meltdowns. Of course, my huge heart's desire is to fund projects to save and protect elephants – to enable Africans to make a living by protecting the elephants, thwarting poachers.

So, I still dream. Thank you so much again. – Denise and Chloe, the full-of-attitude therapy cat

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (789 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5)

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