Letters From Our Readers – Comments & Suggestions 03-26-08

Important Tax Info for Disabled, Seniors, Low Wage Workers

Just thought I’d pass this on to help you and/or any senior citizens or people you know who don’t have to file income taxes anymore but received $3,000 of income in 2007. I’m sending it because at first [the economic stimulus payment plan] wasn’t going to include senior citizens who only get Social Security, but the Senate would not pass it without that. Anyone who files income taxes by April 15th or the October 15th extension date is eligible.

Economic Stimulus Payments Information Center Announcement
Updated March 6, 2008 “Starting in May, the Treasury will begin sending economic stimulus payments to more than 130 million households. To receive a payment, taxpayers must have a valid Social Security number, $3,000 of income and file a 2007 federal tax return. The IRS will take care of the rest. Eligible people will receive up to $600 ($1,200 for married couples), and parents will receive an additional $300 for each eligible child younger than 17. Millions of retirees, disabled veterans and low-wage workers who usually are exempt from filing a tax return must do so this year in order to receive a stimulus payment.”

People who file valid 6-month extensions are even eligible – but not till after they file (by Oct. 15th) – and they will receive their rebate by the end of the year. So make sure you get yours in by April 15th or file your extension to register for it. [See the IRS Frequently Asked Questions.]

Some Key Requirements

1. Seniors, like my Dad, who don’t have to file anymore and get more than $3,000 annually from SSA, VA, Railroad, disability, etc. – or low-wage persons – HAVE to fill out a 1040A and MAIL IT IN MANUALLY, NOT ELECTRONICALLY per the IRS. I called the IRS at 1-800-829-1234 for instructions, then faxed the 1040A form (available for printing at http://www.irs.gov), sample forms, and where they had to mail it for their state (on IRS website) to my Dad.

2. You have to fill out the top part and bottom part of both sides of the 1040A, then only put in the total amount you received last year from SSA or other (from your yearly statement) on line 14A.

3. Write the words “Stimulus Payment” across the top of the form you file – in the top margin above your name on the 1st page. If you don’t do this, then you don’t get your rebate.

4. You obviously should make a copy of both sides of the completed 1040A form for yourself, then mail it certified before April 15th or October 15th to prove that it was mailed and the IRS received it.

Sample of How Form Should Be Filled Out

Unless they saw this info on the news like I did, most eligible people do not know about it. Here’s a link to show a sample of how the 1040A needs to be filled out for those who don’t normally file and receive SSA, VA, Railroad benefits, etc.

There are more details to know about. Find out more here and visit this page regularly for the latest updates.

Rebate Scam Alert

There’s already a scam running about it (from above link):

“Be aware that identity thieves are already pushing scams involving the stimulus payments. At least one telephone scam is making the rounds using the proposed rebates as bait. News release IR-2008-11, IRS Warns of New E-Mail and Telephone Scams Using the IRS Name; Advance Payment Scams Starting, has more details.” – Cheryl



Daily Living Tips

People always suggest making lists and keeping notes because of brain fog. I’ve tried this but I often end up not being able to find my lists or notes, or I forget that I made them. I bought a large blackboard (5’ x 6’) and had it mounted on the wall in the kitchen. That’s where I make my lists and notes. My husband also leaves me messages and reminders on it before he goes to work. It’s totally reusable and I never lose it! Also, it’s hard to forget it because it’s the first thing I see when I walk into the kitchen.

I also dry myself with a terrycloth robe, eat protein with any sugars, and boil my potatoes in their jackets. I also have learned to move things by scooting them with my feet or pushing against them with my butt. Moving to a one-story house has helped tremendously with household management.

One of the most important things that I keep having to relearn is to ask for help – something I seldom did when I was well. I find my husband and adult children can run a lot of errands for me while they’re out and about if I just let them know what I need. I try to remember that every task someone relieves me of allows me to save that energy for something else. – romalaw



Dr. Pall’s Protocol Helping

I’ve been doing Dr. Pall’s antioxidant protocol and I do believe it’s working! I would not have heard about this but for the article in your newsletter, and that ProHealth worked with him to bring his solution to us. Many thanks! – N

Note: To read about the concept underlying Dr. Pall’s protocol, see “Nitric Oxide Cycle Theory: Will It Explain CFS, FM, and Other ‘Unexplained’ Illnesses? – Q&A with Martin L. Pall, PhD.” It includes a link to Dr. Pall’s “Antioxidant Suggestions for Down-Regulation of the NO/ONOO- Cycle.”



Need Children and Adolescents with ME/CFS for Study

I am writing to you from DePaul University’s Center for Community Research. We are currently conducting a study about the new Pediatric Case Definition for ME/CFS. This case definition and a pediatric ME/CFS assessment tool called the DePaul Pediatric Health Questionnaire was developed in 2006 by the International Association for CFS/ME. The aim of our study is to assess the efficacy of this case definition in correctly diagnosing ME/CFS in children by comparison with current diagnostic tools. Consequently, we are looking for children and adolescents ages 10-17 and their parents to complete the questionnaire. – DePaul Center for Community Research

Note: To learn more about this very important and confidential study, and for contact information, click here.



Olive Leaf Tea Beneficial

As one who has suffered from ME for over 30 years I would like to commend the use of olive leaf tea. As your researchers will be aware, olive leaf [active ingredient oleuropein] is very beneficial for ME patients and is stressed in Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum’s protocol. [Explained in Dr. Teitelbaum’s book on ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia, From Fatigued to Fantastic.] – C

Note: This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is generic and is not meant to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any condition, illness, or disease. It is very important that you make no change in your healthcare plan or health support regimen without researching and discussing it in collaboration with your professional healthcare team.

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