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Letters From Our Readers – Letter of the Month 8-22-07

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August’s Letter of the Month was written by Susan Herzberger. Susan wins a $100 gift certificate for ProHealth supplements.

Discovering My Contribution to Humanity

I finally hit on a contribution I am making to humanity. “I have a file of your sayings on my computer,” my younger sister confided to me the other day. I was stunned!

CFS has shadowed or interrupted most of my worldly accomplishments. Consequently, I’ve accepted my role as a person with tenacity, contenting myself with sporadic successes that take extremely long buildups. I am a realist, not a quitter. Occasionally, I spout pearls of cultured wisdom. My sister has been stringing these into a necklace for the past decade.

Jokingly, my sister labels my words of wisdom “Sue-isms” because my name is Sue. For people with CFS I will call them “CFS-isms.” Here are a few:

n Count on changes in health and schedule reassessments.

n Attitude is nearly everything when it comes to quality of life.

n We don’t have to be understood or validated to deserve respect.

n Create a few priceless memories to mull over during times of incapacity.

n It is far easier to design a satisfying personal world than to fit into the competitive mainstream marketplace.

This summer I am reading The Little Prince and Moby-Dick. I think the themes of these books measure the range of my life. I have a minimalist existence in terms of action, yet constantly grapple with the larger, existential issues prompted by CFS.

The insights we receive from such a life are applicable to people facing other challenges besides CFS or Fibromyalgia. Like oysters creating pearls of wisdom, we can offer something coveted by worldly treasure-seekers. – Susan Herzberger, RN, MSN

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (659 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5)

2 thoughts on “Letters From Our Readers – Letter of the Month 8-22-07”

  1. frenchtulip says:

    These “Sue-isms” are brilliant pearls of wisdom! They will be saved on my computer and read frequently. Thanks to Susan for sharing!

    1. Aberlaine says:

      I agree, this letter was very uplifting. We all need to think more positively, even if we’re suffering from an incurable illness. Thank you, Sue.

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