Letters From Our Readers – Letter of the Week 2-21-07

This week’s letter of the week was written by Sheri Anderson Todd. Sheri wins a $25 gift certificate for ProHealth supplements.

This is My Mission

I remember having a respiratory illness, then the extreme fatigue for months afterwards, and then developing multiple chemical sensitivity and Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed in 1995, after eight years, by a young internist an hour from my home in Alabama. In those years you could not find local doctors who believed in CFS/ME or Fibromyalgia…

What I do in my life that has taken me to moments in which I soar above the fatigue and pain for a brief time is photography. I bought a digital camera with 12 optical zoom and I sit by my windows daily. I have taken photographs of the deer that walk into my yard, the woodpeckers, all types of lovely birds, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, and sunsets.

I then download them onto my laptop and send them to friends who are totally housebound with illness. I bring life and joy into other people's lives with my images of the animals and their expressions, which I capture daily with my camera.

This is my mission – to bring happiness to others through my photography. – Sheri Anderson Todd

Note: Scroll down to the “Weekly Inspiration” in this newsletter to see one of Sheri’s photos.

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