Letters From Our Readers – Questions and Comments 12/13/06

The “Figtree Diet” – For a Picky Eater?

I am interested in buying [The Joy of Nutrition DVD by Dale Figtree, PhD]. I am, however, somewhat hesitant as there is no mention of what sort of foods are included in the nutritional regime. I don't eat nuts for example, and am very fussy with food. Could you send me a little more information on this DVD so that I can take an informed decision? Does it involve supplements? Special types of food? Specialist equipment, etc? Thanks – Jan.

Note: Dr. Figtree emphasizes a diet consisting of whole, minimally processed foods, fresh and organic when possible. There is a focus on eating vegetables (raw and cooked) in wide variety – and on raw veggie juicing as a way to achieve that goal. Nuts are suggested as a nutritious food, but not “essential,” and a juicer is the only sort of equipment involved. For more info and a couple of the many recipes the DVD offers, go to the message board string “Juicing for Health.” If you are not registered, just a moment is required to create a password.



CFS Might Exacerbate Other Ailments

Here are a couple of things I have noticed with my CFS:
1. Any time I have pain from my arthritis, or any other ailment, whether it is pain or not, it is magnified because of my CFS. This is worth mentioning to your physician if you are taking a medication for other ailments.
2. I can identify with the comments about some…dizziness at times and CFS fog.
Thank you writers for your comments, as I can relate to many of the effects others are having. – Anon


Unhappy With Marshall Protocol

I am surprised and disappointed that you are publishing this unsubstantiated information about the Marshall Protocol. (“The Marshall Protocol for Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia: Hopeful Results Emerging” http://www.immunesupport.com/library/showarticle.cfm/id/5784 ) As someone who is suffering with CFS, I tried the Marshall Protocol and had very bad results from it. Not only did it not help to relieve any of the symptoms of CFS, but it caused painful and possibly permanent harmful effects.

What caused you to reprint an interview from 2004 with no update? …When you print information such as this, you should at the very least include a qualifier, which tells the reader to check out the information for him/herself before trying it. – P.W.

Note: Thank you for your warning. Your points are excellent. Immediately above the reprint of the 2004 interview, we note that the Marshall Protocol is a “still-controversial protocol, which must be administered under the care of a physician. (In reviewing this information, consider that it is theoretical/experimental in nature, and that accounts of results are still largely anecdotal and reportedly often negative as well as positive. Further research would be essential to help you and your physician assess it in the fullest possible perspective.)” While we try to keep our readers informed about all of the different research being done and the various avenues available, it is each patient’s individual responsibility to discuss these options with his/her own doctor before trying any protocol.


For a representative mix of current “voices of experience” on this subject, you might start with a search on “Marshall Protocol” in ProHealth’s message boards. There you will find everything from positive success stories and names of physicians who have many CFS/FM patients on the protocol to accounts of bad experiences and other physicians’ reasons for considering the protocol with caution.



Thanks For Standing By Us

Thank you so much, Rich and everyone who works at ProHealth… It is wonderful that we have such great advocates. Not only that but we have this great website where we can go and get extremely valuable information and support. We no longer have to suffer alone and stumble through these illnesses and treatments alone.

What is more wonderful is that you, Rich, after making great strides in recovery, did not turn your back on the rest of us with CFS. You could have gone back to your life at some regular job trying to forget about CFS and just take your life back. But you didn't do that…you shared your story and started ProHealth to help others who continue to suffer. – Pam


Spell Check Cheek

Note: Several readers have written requesting a spell checker for our message boards as part of the site redesign. But here is one cute comment regarding that request:

Yes, indeed this is a good idea, but it won't “get” the words I exchange for others, like:
"I'm so soar!"
"I was so write!"
"I saw there response!"
"Last night I ate some really good stake!"
"The lites effect my eye site!" – fight4acure


Where Can I Ask Questions About Supplements?

Please let me know if you sell [a particular nutritional supplement]. When your advertisement comes up there is no place outlined to ask a question or request a certain product. Thank you – Don.


Note: To find a product of interest, click on the “store” tab at the top of the newsletter. Then type the product name in the search box. You can ask a question via e-mail by clicking "contact us" at the left under CUSTOMER SERVICE. But remember, our helpful and knowledgeable customer service people are there "live" to answer your questions, at 1 (800) 366-6056 – 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

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