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Letters From Our Readers – What Works for Me 5/16/07

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Guaifenesin Was My Answer

Guaifenesin protocol definitely worked for me. I suspect that those for whom it does not work have not been as diligent as necessary about avoiding contact with salicylates in lotions, cosmetics, food and plants. For example, if I do some gardening without wearing gloves, my "knots" (especially in my back) will start to get sore again, so I try to take an extra dose of rapid acting guaifenesin when I know that I have been exposed to salicylates. I also found it difficult to find lotions that I liked that did not have plant extract. If at first the protocol doesn't work, look again at your exposure to salicylates – it doesn't take much to neutralize the guaifenesin. – Bonita



Success With Vegan Raw Diet

I just wanted to share my success. I healed from fibro, CFS, irritable bowel syndrome, hormonal imbalances, chronic bladder infections and inflammation, depression and panic attacks by adopting a raw vegan diet. The pain from my fibro started subsiding within a couple of days! Within a few weeks it was completely gone. I currently eat an all-raw diet featuring lots of delicious fruit and have been eating this for three years. I love it. I have not been sick at all, not even any colds or flus. I've lost 80 pounds and have tons of energy and enthusiasm. I feel better at 37 than I ever have, even as a child! I went back to school full time and work. Life is good. There is hope!… – Audrey



All These Small Ideas Helped

These small things help me:


  • I keep open everything I can: the toothpaste, jars, doors – to avoid some repetitive movements.


  • I have different canes so my arm and hand are not always at the same height and posture – and it's fun to change. (There's one with butterflies and one that’s Asiatic, etc.)


  • I've learned to say "no" without feeling badly for it.


  • And I'm so happy that I don't need to wash the dishes any more.


  • I look around me sometimes and smile to the sky, and the sun. The leaves in the trees are so beautiful and have so many different greens.


  • Some other times I allow myself to cry and to be angry.

Those are the small things that help me to get to another day. – G



More Little Things That Help

Working it through the day in an easier way. Most of these "helps" cost little or nothing.


  • Carrying groceries, etc.: Get a small, old fashioned cart with wheels. Sometimes pulling two bags in the cart is less painful than trying to carry two bags or a bag at a time. No cart? Use a child’s sled to drag items, especially the bulky ones.


  • Meds: Ask pharmacist for easy open non-childproof lids (and keep away from kids).


  • Opening pop/soda cans or bottles: Buy what is easier to open. I can't do cans, so when I open a twist off pop/soda cap, a rubber glove provides more grip and uses less strength.


  • Forgetfulness: Get a calendar with room for notes on each day; record your meds on it.


  • Keep a notepad handy (sticky-notes get misplaced & cumbersome) in one spot in the house and one in your purse/wallet.


  • Try to place items in the same spot every day: keys, the notepad, etc.


  • Writing by hand: Get rid of pens that are two-piece if the pulling is painful; switch to click pens. Gel pens are best because there’s less pressure while writing.


  • Ripping junk mail hurt? Get a shredder.


  • Standing in shower? Get a bath seat.


  • Using/turning car keys: If you have the remote "open/unlock," use it each time; it saves your wrist.


  • Arm pain while driving: Place pillows till comfortable enough.


  • Driving, turning, parking pain? Learn an easier route that has fewer turns. Yes, gas is expensive; but pain is, too.


  • If one side of your body is worse than the other and it is hard to get out of bed, use the side that hurts less.


  • Pulling drapes or curtains: Forget the pulling! Use tiebacks. Use yarn if it's all you have. – SH



ImmuneSupport.com Helps With Questions, News

I love this website! It has really helped me become more proactive in my own health. For years I went about my illness by myself without knowing that there was such a website that could help me. This is a very informative website and I will always come back to it for answers to questions and also to see what's new that could help me. I have been ill for 20 years and I am sick of prescription drugs. I do still have to take them, but you offer natural ways that most doctors don't. You have truly helped me get a lot more educated on my options. Thanks a bunch. – K

Note: This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not meant to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any illness, condition or disease. It is very important that you make no change in your healthcare plan or regimen without researching and discussing it with your professional healthcare team.

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (847 votes, average: 3.05 out of 5)

2 thoughts on “Letters From Our Readers – What Works for Me 5/16/07”

  1. bettyg says:

    In your 5-16-07 newsletter, someone discussed YEAST, and they mentioned many illnesses which yeast affects; but they didn’t mention yeast for CHRONIC LYME patients; which I am one of!

    I not only have vaginal yeast, but throat yeast as well. This is a topic discussed daily on http://www.lymenet.org, Lyme Disease Assn.’s message board.

    I thought the author made many wonderful comments; of those I could read.

    Rich, what’s the status of each link offering me the LARGEST FONT size available to read since I have LOW vision? I believe I’ve mentioned this twice now in 1 month+.

    In someone’s comments, there was the LARGER font to read, and that was excellent, and they had excellent TIPS they shared on making their days easier and less painful.

    Thank you. Bettyg, IOWA

    PS – since fibro/chronic fatigue MIMIC LYME disease, I sure would like to see more informative articles so other FM/CFS patients can be CORRECTLY DIAGNOSED WITH CHRONIC LYME. I was MISDIAGNOSED 34 years with those 2 and everything else.

  2. happyy says:


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