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Linked, an Oklahoma City Magazine, Releases Story about Lyme Disease in Oklahoma

Local Oklahoma magazine, Linked, released a two-part story detailing three different cases of Lyme disease in Oklahoma. Linked Magazine is a product of High Five Media group and runs in six different areas around the Oklahoma City area.
Lyme disease is believed to primarily occur in northern states such as Pennsylvania and Maryland; however, a recent change in the migratory pattern of ticks has increased the likelihood that Oklahomans could contract the debilitating disease. The article entitled, "Living with Lyme" interviewed three Oklahomans who had contracted the disease within Oklahoma state lines. An excerpt from the article reads:
"Why is it so hard to diagnose this disease? A recent study by the CDC released in July 2015 has shown that Lyme disease is spreading because the habitat of the ticks that carry Lyme disease is spreading—in some areas at an alarming rate. Luckily, most of these areas have seen documented occurrences Lyme disease, so physicians and urgent care clinics know what to look for and know to start treatment early.
"However, in Oklahoma that is not the case. Our physicians are not trained to look for Lyme disease. In fact, a crucial step to detecting—testing—is so misunderstood that unless doctors have real-life experience with the disease, the chances of catching it and getting a positive diagnosis are slim.
According to the Oklahoma Department of Health, Lyme disease is thought to go underreported in Oklahoma because of this testing procedure."
The article, written by Linked Magazine editor-in-chief, Meg McElhaney, ran in all six areas, and garnered local feedback and interest. Although other outlets have covered certain aspects of Lyme disease, no other publication has discussed the implications of both the recent CDC report, the lack of Oklahoma physician training concerning Lyme disease. For the entire article visit linkedok.com or read the entire story here [1].
About High Five Media 

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Source: [2]PRWeb.com. [2]August 28, 2015. By Linked Magazine.