Localized fibromyalgia (FM) in a child

A 14-year-old male was investigated because of a limp and a
localized sharp pain in the right lumber paravertebral region
radiating to the lower abdomen and the medial aspect of the
thigh, which started following forced physical activity. With
the diagnosis of fibromyalgia the patient received two
perifacetal injections of local anaesthetics with steroids
followed by transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
(TENS). Following the injections, pain intensity dropped
dramatically, disability was reduced and muscle swelling
resolved. The possible association of symptoms to sport
activity raises the question of sport-induced fibromyalgia,
and the excellent response to treatment may suggest a facet
joint irritation as possible aetiology.

Bassan H, Niv D, Jourgenson U, Wientroub S, Spirer Z

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