Longterm effects of FM on everyday life. A study of 56 patients

Fifty-six patients with fibromyalgia, previously studied in 1984,

were followed up after five years, using a mail questionnaire

and a global health assessment instrument, the Sickness Impact

Profile. The aim was to investigate the patients’ perception

of their symptoms and to describe the consequences for

everyday life. Half of the patients reported that pain,

fatigue and sleep problems had increased, less than 20%

reported improvements, and 30-40%, no change. In spite of

this, 25% reported that their overall condition had improved.

Motor tasks were somewhat less difficult to manage. The

symptoms had severe consequences for the patients’ ability to

manage everyday life activities.

The study confirms that fibromyalgia, once established, is a

non-remitting syndrome. Also, the social consequences were

constant over time.

Henriksson CM

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