Low grade pyrexia: is it Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)?

Eighty seven consecutive patients presenting with prolonged low
grade pyrexia (99 degrees-101 +/- F) during 1984-93 were
followed up for a mean duration of 2.9 years. Mean age was
37.55 years (SD + Fatigue (69), Arthralgias (61),
myalgias (55) and several other non specific symptoms.
Clinical examination showed paucity 10.16) and 66 (75.8%) were

Onset of pyrexia was acute in 57 patients and was associated with
chilly sensation (42), of physical signs with 7
patients showing tender lymphadenopathy, 7 showing
splenomegaly, 5 hepatomegaly, and 1 phylctenular
conjunctivitis. Psychiatric examination was within normal
limits. Extensive investigations for any viral or other
infection, autoimmune disorder or malignancy were unrewarding.

Patients were followed up for an average of 2.9 (2 to 5
years). Thirteen patients had become asymptomatic within one
year of onset of symptoms, 38 by two years and 45 by the end
of three years. This syndrome may be a variant of chronic
fatigue syndrome.

Anand AC, Kumar R, Rao MK, Dham SK

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