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Lower cranial nerve involvement as the initial manifestation of Lyme borreliosis.


Lyme disease or
Lyme borreliosis is an infectious
disease transmitted by ticks and caused by Borrelia burgdorferi. Being clinically different from Relapsing Fever it may cause an array of symptoms, specially cutaneous and neurological but also musculoskeletal and cardiac ones. Within the neurologic manifestations of
Lyme disease the affectation of low cranial nerves is, to our knowledge, extremely infrequent. We present the clinical case of a 35 years old male whose initial symptoms were low cranial nerve dysfunction with a cerebrospinal fluid compatible with meningitis. Serology against Borrelia burgdorferi both in serum and cerebrospinal fluid was positive.

Neurologia. 1999 Jan;14(1):36-7. Case Reports; English Abstract [1]