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Lyme and Co-infections: the Road to Recovery

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Michelle Tonkin is a Lyme disease survivor and author of the book, Lyme & Co-Infections: The Road to Recovery. Following she briefly shares her battle with Lyme and what led her to write a book on Lyme disease:
“In late 1999, I began to experience multiple health difficulties. I was exhausted, dizzy, lightheaded, and anxious for no apparent reason. I had difficulty breathing, experienced food and environmental allergies (which I had never had before), and a  seemingly constant “brain fog.”
Prior to that time I was in excellent health. Because of my own personal struggles and journey with Lyme disease I was led to write Lyme & Co-Infections: The Road to Recovery as a kind of road map for those struggling with Lyme and needing better solutions.
On the rise of becoming an epidemic, Lyme disease is one of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed illnesses plaguing the 21st century. Co-infections and symptoms present a case for many disease processes, making diagnosis difficult.  The three stages of Lyme are most often recognized (by practitioners and patients) in retrospect as the disease makes its way throughout the body’s systems.
My book is the result of my personal experience and many years of study and research, and my goal is to educate and present information, offer recommendations, and explore cutting edge treatments from both conventional and alternative medicine. It is my desire that readers will make informed, educated decisions and take an active role in regaining their health.”
About Michelle Tonkin:
Michelle Tonkin is a Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist and Master Reflexologist.  She is a graduate of Trinity College of Natural Health and Acusage Academy. Her journey to pursue these degrees started in 2001, as she desired to have answers to my own physical health problems, ranging from chronic candidiasis to chronic fatigue until it was discovered that she had been dealing with Lyme disease. Her journey to a full recovery has been a long one, but God has used this time of healing on the journey to help others along the way, helping to guide them to health and wellness. She is also part of a music ministry with her twin sister Melissa. Music is a tool and avenue to reach many hurting people with the love of Jesus. Besides music, Michelle likes to write and has contributed a few health articles to Natural Solutions, a national health magazine. She also has a couple of self-published books on health. They are available on Michelle’s prayer is that her Lyme book will not only help to bring about awareness of the Lyme disease epidemic but will also be an aid to people as a tool to use on their journey back to abundant health.

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (2 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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