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Lyme borreliosis in Lithuania: its prevalence, clinical picture and treatment efficacy.

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In 1988
Lyme borreliosis (LA) was diagnosed in 376 patients in Lithuania, including 101 patients who had the first stage of circular migrating erythema. Of this latter group, in 40 patients (39.6%) specific antibodies to the causative agent of LB were detected. All 101 patients were intensively treated with antibiotics for 10-14 days. The effectiveness of treatment was evaluated 4-5 months later. Information was collected only on 90 patients, including 82 patients who had undergone treatment. Complete convalescence was achieved in 52 cases (63.4%). 20 more persons considered themselves to be practically healthy. But in 10 patients (12.2%) the development of the
disease continued, among them in 6 patients who stopped the prescribed course of treatment on their own accord. Out of 8 patients who had not yet even started to undergo treatment, 5 patients had signs of the manifest progress of the
disease. Besides, information on the incubation period of the
disease, its seasonal character, the characteristic features of erythema and concomitant symptoms in presented.

Zh Mikrobiol Epidemiol Immunobiol. 1990 Jul;(7):19-23. English Abstract

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