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Lyme borreliosis: open questions and problems at the turn of the millennium.

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At the beginning of new millennium,
Lyme borreliosis is still the subject of intensive research, polemic discussions and open questions. The authors present minute analysis of the issues associated with
Lyme borreliosis, concentrating on biological aspects and taxonomic classification of the agent, co-transmission and co-infection, diagnostic criteria and their validity, laboratory diagnostics an therapy of the
disease including perspectives of active immunisation in the future. Special attention is paid to open questions in clinical and laboratory diagnostics of the
disease and to the prospects for the near future. The authors also discuss the importance of international and interdisciplinary cooperation in the process of articulation of diagnostic criteria and recommended procedures for laboratory diagnostics. (Ref. 17.)

Bratisl Lek Listy. 2000;101(3):166-9. English Abstract

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