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Lyme Camp- A Unique Event for People with Lyme Disease

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Jimmy and Alice Branch, whose son John became ill with Lyme disease during his college years, are hosting the first-ever Lyme patient networking, recreational and educational event in Panama City Beach, Florida, October 16-18, 2015, called Lyme Camp.  What sets this event apart from other Lyme disease events and conferences is that it is not only an opportunity for those with Lyme disease to learn about how to heal from Lyme disease, but to also network, connect, relax and have fun in a beach setting.

As a survivor of chronic Lyme disease, I can attest to the fact that isolation and often not having friends or family who understand the struggles of Lyme, is perhaps the single greatest challenge of the disease. Jimmy Branch is meeting a crucial need by providing Lyme disease survivors with a unique opportunity to connect face to face with others who have faced similar challenges.  Most people with Lyme disease connect only through support groups over the Internet or on the phone; Lyme Camp is a place where in-person acquaintances and friendships can be forged.

The speakers and agenda are diverse. For instance, authors Gail and Laura Piazza will be sharing about the role of nutrition in healing, based on concepts from their book Recipes for Repair, and author Shelley White will be sharing about the role of cannabis in healing, which is based on her book, Cannabis for Lyme Disease & Related Conditions. I will be speaking about my healing journey and the treatments and strategies that have helped me to get well, as well as offering healing prayer to others. I have found prayer to be an important wellness tool, just as much as antibiotics or any other remedy.

I believe this unique event will benefit people in the Lyme disease community in ways that typical Lyme support groups or conferences do not. To learn more, visit: www.LymeCamp.com.

About the Author

Connie Strasheim is a medical researcher, healing prayer minister and author of eight books on holistic wellness, including three on chronic Lyme disease.
To learn more about Connie’s work, see: www.ConnieStrasheim.com

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