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Lyme disease. Employee education and treatment.

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Lyme disease is a complex multisystem disorder that begins with the bite from the Ixodes tick. The Ixodes tick carries the spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi, and infects humans with the spirochete. The initial symptoms of
Lyme disease are the erythema chronicum migrans, or “bull’s eye” rash, and flu-like symptoms. Stage III of
Lyme disease can occur weeks to months after the initial infection when more serious complications may develop, such as neurologic, cardiac, or ophthalmologic problems. If
Lyme disease goes untreated, arthritic symptoms may occur in stage III. Prompt diagnosis and treatment with antibiotics are of utmost importance for a full recovery. Education and prevention techniques also are needed to decrease the number of people infected by the Ixodes tick.

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