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Lyme disease reporting for Navy and Marine Corps (1997-2000).

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Reported cases of
Lyme disease for Navy and Marine Corps personnel during 1997-2000 are presented from data collected in the Naval
Disease Reporting System and the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database. Naval
Disease Reporting System identified 210 case subjects; 60% were men, 49% were family members, and 37% were active duty, and most originated in the second quarter of the calendar year. States reporting the greatest number of reports were Connecticut (44%), North Carolina (16%), Rhode Island (10%), and Virginia (10%), which was generally consistent with national figures and the concentration of military populations. Incidence rates from Defense Medical Epidemiological Database for
Lyme disease were generally higher for active duty personnel than reported civilian rates. Areas for improvement for Naval
Disease Reporting System are identified and include additional emphasis on complete reporting on patient history and on
Lyme disease antibody testing results. These findings suggest that
Lyme disease is an important
disease in military medicine, particularly in the eastern United States.

Mil Med. 2003 Dec;168(12):1011-4.

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