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Lyme HealthWatch
August 31st, 2016

The Best Diet for People with Lyme Disease

In this article, author and Lyme disease survivor Connie Strasheim shares tips for putting together a healthy diet when you have Lyme disease. Read More »

Lyme Disease News and Lifestyle
13 Supplements to Control Lyme Pain

In this article, nurse and blogger Laurie Miller shares about the benefits of 13 supplements to control Lyme-related pain….
5 Tips for Nurturing Friendships When You’re Chronically Ill

Maintaining friendships while chronically ill can be challenging. Here are 5 tips that will help….
Seven Detox Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

In this article, blogger and Lyme survivor Jenny Lelwica Buttaccio shares some economical ways to detox the body during Lyme treatment….
Tests for Lyme Disease that Truly Work

In this article, Lyme survivor, author and blogger Connie Strasheim shares some effective and novel ways to test for Lyme disease. …
Sugarless NuStevia Lemonade Recipe

This yummy lemonade is about as easy as it gets! It’s pretty great when you can enjoy a summer drink this yummy and know your getting all the health benefits of lemon juice, with no sugar!…
The Best Strategy for Eliminating Lyme Infections

In this article, Lyme survivor, author and researcher Connie Strasheim shares about the best strategy for treating Lyme infections….
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Metabolic Detox Formula

Metabolic Detox Formula is a unique dietary supplement featuring beneficial amounts of rice, pea and fish proteins synergistically blended with essential amounts of vitamins, miner…
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Lyme Disease Medical Research

Special Features

VIDEO: Lyme disease and other invisible illnesses: Are they really invisible or are you not looking?

SURVEY RESULTS: Attitudes About Fatigue

VIDEO: Klinghardt Detox Solutions: Using Infrared Sauna Therapy for Treating Lyme

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