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Lyme HealthWatch
August 3rd, 2016

Why Am I Not Healed? What May Be Hindering Your Recovery from Lyme Disease and What You Can Do About It

In this article, author and Lyme survivor Connie Strasheim shares common hindrances to recovering from Lyme, and what you can do to overcome these. Read More »

Lyme Disease News and Lifestyle
Six Simple Ways to Avoid Parasitic Infection…and a Few Quick Tips About What to Do If You Have One

In this article, author and Lyme advocate Connie Strasheim shares tips for avoiding parasitic infection and what to do if you discover that you are infected. …
Six Things You Can Do To Improve Your Gut Health When You Have Lyme Disease

In this article, Lyme survivor, blogger and Pilates instructor Jenny Buttaccio shares tips for improving gut health with food and nutritional supplements. …
A Chronic Mom’s Guide to Surviving the Summer

In this article, nurse, blogger and Lyme advocate Laurie Miller shares tips for moms on how to survive the summer with chronic illness….
The Bees’ Best-Kept Secret: The Amazing Health Benefits of Propolis

While honey bees’ claim to fame is their crucial role in pollination, these special insects also produce health-promoting substances that are of great value….
The Lyme Brain and Nootropics

Lyme-literate doctor Daniel Jaller, MD shares solutions for cognitive dysfunction in Lyme disease. …
8 Things to Consider for Depression

Nikki Albert shares coping tips for depression….
Coping with and Preventing the Dreaded Flare-Up

In this article, nurse, blogger and chronic illness survivor Laurie Miller shares tips for coping with and preventing Lyme disease flare-ups….
TOUCHED BY LYME: Sixth day of hunger strike by Frenchman with chronic Lyme

In this article, blogger and Vice President of, Dorothy Kupcha Leland, shares the story of a French father who goes on a hunger strike to call attention to how the French health system ignores Lyme patients. …
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VIDEO: Smart Meters and EMR: The Health Crisis of Our Time – Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

From Our Readers- Comments & Suggestions – 8/3/2016

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