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Lyme HealthWatch
July 6th, 2016

How to Increase Cellular Energy in Lyme Disease

In this article, Lyme author and survivor Connie Strasheim describes strategies for raising the body’s energy, which in turn supports healing. Read More »

Lyme Disease News and Lifestyle
Taking Care of Our Overall Health Within the Context of Chronic Lyme

In this article, author, blogger and Lyme survivor Jennifer Crystal shares about how to take care of your overall health within the context of tick-borne illness. …
Herbs for Psychological Support during Lyme Treatment

In this article, author and Lyme survivor Shelley White shares about herbal remedies that support healing from psychological symptoms in Lyme disease. …
Move More: How I Actually Started Exercising with a Chronic Condition

How one patient found doable flexibility and range-of-motion exercises that have reduced her pain and improved her well-being….
How Curcumin Has Helped Me Control My Pain

In this article, blogger, Pilates instructor and Lyme survivor Jenny Lelwica Buttacio shares how curcumin has helped to control her pain and provides evidence for its use as a pain-management supplement for Lyme and other chronic conditions. …
Merck Manuals Provides Tips for Avoiding Tick-Borne Illnesses

In this article, Merck Manuals provides tips for avoiding tick-borne disease, especially during the summer when risk of infection is high….
SURVEY RESULTS: Should Opioids Be Restricted for Chronic Illness?

ProHealth publishes the results of a recent survey on opioids….
The Importance of Spirituality in Lyme Disease

In this article, blogger and Lyme advocate Lydia Niederwerfer shares the role of spirituality in healing and how studies have proven that spirituality can foster healing. …
How to Manage Mounting Medical Bills

In this article, nurse, blogger and chronic illness survivor Laurie Miller shares some tips for managing medical bills and finances when costs become overwhelming. …
7 Foods to Combat Chronic Inflammation

Providing a list of soothing food items that are easy to come by and delicious additions to reduce chronic inflammation….
TOUCHED BY LYME: Leprosy drug shows promise for Lyme treatment

In this article, author and Lyme advocate Dorothy Kupcha Leland shares about a new drug called Dapsone, which Richard Horowitz, MD has found in preliminary trials to be effective for eradicating persister Lyme bacteria. …
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Lyme Disease Medical Research

Special Features

VIDEO: Kris Kristofferson’s Memory Loss Caused by Lyme disease

VIDEO: Lyme and Reason: Dr. Neil Spector

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