May 6 in Cambridge UK – New Horizons 2008: International Conference on ME/CFS Biomedical Research, sponsored by ME Research UK and Irish ME Trust

An advance announcement of the 2008 International Conference on ME/CFS Biomedical Research, scheduled for Tuesday, May 6, has been issued by the sponsors – ME Research UK and Irish ME Trust. The venue will be the Wellcome Trust Conference Centre on the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus in Hinxton, Cambridge, UK. The announcement – addressed to professionals, patients, support group representatives, and students – is posted on the ME Research UK website.

According to the announcement, “As ME/CFS biomedical research is very varied, spanning many scientific disciplines and involving a wide range of healthcare professionals, this research conference will provide the opportunity for researchers and healthcare professionals within ME/CFS to present their latest work, share ideas and identify key challenges for the future.”

Flyers and forms with details on invited keynote speakers and topics, and a registration form will be offered shortly at, where those interested in attending are invited to advance register, submit questions about the event, or request e-mail updates.

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