“ME/CFS Alert” TV Episode #2 on YouTube

The second segment of the new Web-based TV show – “ME/CFS Alert” – is now available on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIWGFFkp_lw).

Narrated by host Llewellyn King, this episode is a commentary highlighting the lack of NIH research funding for ME/CFS (e.g., $1.25 annually per patient, if that, versus $400 per patient for multiple sclerosis). Yet patients are in dire straits. (New UK public health measures of the toll taken by ME/CFS indicate it exceeds that of other chronic diseases, even cancer.*) “ME/CFS Alert” can be accessed on the YouTube Channel LIMFIL88.


* See “ME/CFS can take greater toll on functional status than cancer and other chronic diseases, UK public health researchers report.”

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