MECFS Alert Interviews Dr. Lombardi at WPI

MECFS Alert Episode 5 on YouTube features Deborah Waroff’s interview with Vincent Lombardi, PhD, director of the Whittemore Peterson Institute’s clinical lab. The audio is a bit muffled, but the brief interview is reassuring and interesting.

On the subject of biomarker research, Lombardi assures they are making progress, and notes he’s found that ME/CFS interferon levels are generally lower than in healthy controls. He explains, interferon is part of the innate immune system, which is the body’s first line of defense against viruses & other pathogens. His comment: “I believe that it’s important to have a basal level of interferon to prime the innate immune system to respond quickly and if you don’t have that basal level of interferon then you might have a dysregulation and you may not be able to respond to pathogens as effectively and so that could account for some of the things we see in CFS. They have difficulty just dealing with normal infections compared to other people.”

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