Men with Low Back Pain – Stanford Pain Lab is recruiting for study of Cymbalta (duloxetine) effectiveness and mode of action

The Stanford (California) School of Medicine’s Systems Neuroscience and Pain Lab is recruiting men ages 18 to 60 with low back pain for a study of the drug Cymbalta (duloxetine Hcl). First step – completion of a brief online eligibility survey.

The researchers will assess impact on pain while also conducting fMRI scans of the brain (safe, noninvasive, involving no exposure to radiation) while on & off the medication. This they hope will enable a better understanding of how the medication’s works, and contribute to development of new pain therapies.

Key features of the trial, as further explained on the study web page (see below) include:

• Eight study visits in [Pain Lab] offices over approximately 13 weeks

• Physician evaluations provided at no cost

• Study medications provided at no cost

• You will be taking Cymbalta for half of the study period (6 weeks).

• You will be taking a placebo for the other half of the study period (6 weeks).

• Neither you nor your study physician will know which medication period has the active study drug versus the placebo.

• 3 fMRI scans: at the very beginning of the study and after each 6-week medication period. During the scans, you will receive a heat stimulus on your hand and back.

• Patients can earn up to $500 for their time.

More information, including a phone number and the brief online eligibility survey, are offered at the Study Web page –

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