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Meta-analysis concludes benefit for magnesium in migraine

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Reprinted with the kind permission of Life Extension.

September 21 2016. The results of a meta-analysis reported this year in Pain Physician add evidence to a benefit for magnesium in migraine treatment and prevention.

Researchers in Taiwan analyzed randomized trials that evaluated the effects of intravenous magnesium on acute migraine attacks. Trials that examined the role of orally administered magnesium in migraine prevention were separately analyzed.

In a pooled analysis of 948 participants, it was determined that the risk of experiencing acute migraine within 15 to 45 minutes following an initial infusion of magnesium was 77% lower than the risk associated with standard treatment or saline. Two and 24 hours after magnesium infusion, the risk was 80% and 75% lower, respectively. Pooled analysis of trials that evaluated orally administered magnesium found significant reductions in both migraine frequency and intensity in association with supplementation among 789 subjects.

"Magnesium deficiency has been strongly associated with migraine attacks," note Hsiao-Yean Chiu RN, PhD and colleagues. "Several potential mechanisms have been proposed, such as triggered cortical spreading depression, decreased release of substance P, stimulated cerebral artery spasm, and an imbalance between mitochondrial energy production and demand."

"This is the first meta-analysis to evaluate the overall effects of intravenous and oral magnesium on acute migraine attacks and the prophylaxis of migraine, respectively," they announce. "We confirmed that intravenous magnesium has beneficial effects in relieving acute migraine attacks and that oral magnesium supplements alleviate the frequency and intensity of migraine. Thus, we suggest that intravenous and oral magnesium should be considered as adjunctive therapies for managing acute migraine attacks and the prophylaxis of migraines, respectively."

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