Mitochondrial Myopathy in Follow-up of a Patient With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


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By Fernando Galán et al.


Introduction. Symptoms of mitochondrial diseases and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) frequently overlap and can easily be mistaken.

Methods. We report the case of a patient diagnosed with CFS and during follow-up was finally diagnosed with mitochondrial myopathy by histochemical study of muscle biopsy, spectrophotometric analysis of the complexes of the mitochondrial respiratory chain, and genetic studies.

Results. The results revealed 3% fiber-ragged blue and a severe deficiency of complexes I and IV and several mtDNA variants. Mother, sisters, and nephews showed similar symptoms, which strongly suggests a possible maternal inheritance. The patient and his family responded to treatment with high doses of riboflavin and thiamine with a remarkable and sustained fatigue and muscle symptoms improvement.

Conclusions. This case illustrates that initial symptoms of mitochondrial disease in adults can easily be mistaken with CFS, and in these patients a regular reassessment and monitoring of symptoms is recommended to reconfirm or change the diagnosis.

Source: Fernando Galán, Isabel de Lavera, David Cotán, José A. Sánchez-Alcázar. Mitochondrial Myopathy in Follow-up of a Patient With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Journal of Investigative Medicine High Impact Case Reports July-September 2015 vol. 3 no. 3 2324709615607908  

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