Monday Dec 6 – Washington Post Published ME/CFS Virus Ad

Tina Tidmore, a tireless worker for the ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance (, alerted the world Sunday Dec 5 that the Alliance's half-page XMRV awareness ad “New HIV-like Virus in the Blood Supply” would be published Monday, Dec 6 in the Washington Post. And it has been done. The point? To create awareness of the need for funding of research to find a cause and a cure.

To view the ad, click HERE.

To read and forward the MCWPA press release, "CFS Patients Run First-ever Ad in the Washington Post," click HERE.

To personally help increase the ad's impact:

• See easy directions & links on the Rocky Mountain CFS/ME & FM Assoc. facebook site.

• Look for suggestions and announcements in the MCWPA Patient Discussion forum ( See for example the project to create a patient representative network at It's simple to register so that you can add comments, if you haven't done so already.

Background. The ad published Dec 6 was one of four options created by volunteers and shaped by patient suggestions. Dubbed the “virus ad” – it was designed by advertising pro Lynn Bousquet and received 51% of all patient/advocate votes in a poll on the website.

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