Monday Dec 6 – Washington Post Published ME/CFS Virus Ad

Tina Tidmore, a tireless worker for the ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance (, alerted the world Sunday Dec 5 that the Alliance's half-page XMRV awareness ad “New HIV-like Virus in the Blood Supply” would be published Monday, Dec 6 in the Washington Post. And it has been done. The point? To create awareness of the need for funding of research to find a cause and a cure.

To view the ad, click HERE.

To read and forward the MCWPA press release, "CFS Patients Run First-ever Ad in the Washington Post," click HERE.

To personally help increase the ad's impact:

• See easy directions & links on the Rocky Mountain CFS/ME & FM Assoc. facebook site.

• Look for suggestions and announcements in the MCWPA Patient Discussion forum ( See for example the project to create a patient representative network at It's simple to register so that you can add comments, if you haven't done so already.

Background. The ad published Dec 6 was one of four options created by volunteers and shaped by patient suggestions. Dubbed the “virus ad” – it was designed by advertising pro Lynn Bousquet and received 51% of all patient/advocate votes in a poll on the website.

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6 thoughts on “Monday Dec 6 – Washington Post Published ME/CFS Virus Ad”

  1. aidanwalsh says:

    i agree with you genius but the fact it was not found in all prostate cancers and also it being a mouse type infection will in the end show lab contamination. also dr. byron hyde answered that question loud and clear that the incubation period of xmrv does not fit into the epidemics seen. over 300 samples of cfs patients blood all tested positive to ciguetera (epitope) toxin and that research also indicates it has gone further and into the food chain. that would fit more into epidemics than xmrv. this research has now gone to the top leukemic experts in the world in israel/egypt and they are now working on a treatment plan based on their new cell line marker which has nothing to do with xmrv. all of this work has been done by gail kansky’s team at ncf. there have been many theories on what is/are causing this but one thing is very clear patients do not get totally well by other methods or let’s say antiherpes protocols. i am very aware of activation of these type antibodies but they never ever go away. as one top aids microbiologist said to me one day ‘everyone takes there antibodies to their graves’. i still do not believe whatsoever in xmrv hype and it will really damage this illness for a long time to come once it is proven as innocent or lab false readings and other serious research will be harmed.this is all we now hear about and nothing on other potential research and even dr. nancy klimas said the same thing that it is wrong to only focus on xmrv and there are other research that needs attention. i still feel anyone advertising xmrv is very harmful and misleading to the public and very premature. sounds like mass hysteria in its worse form…no offense to you but it is unproven hype at this point and not true science.we all have our opinions but i would never announce to the world a cause unless i had 101% proven replicated causal sience to back up my me it is wrong and should not be happening…

    1. aidanwalsh says:

      i think their ad is very premature and also if there was a retroviral cause of cfids there would be no complete recoveries and the death rates would be much higher than they are…i do not believe in xmrv at all and there are other more realistic research going on with mycoplasmas,c.pneumonaie,low level radiation with ciguetera and also possible cyanobacteria and not to forget enteroviruses…also dr.lerner quoted cures in his group with herpes antiviral meds so if xmrv was any cause then these people would not have gotten well/cured…last, there is also research going on with a link to chiari malformation type 1 and not counting numerous other studies that are much more important than xmrv…years back dr.dan peterson was convinced that hhv-6 was a cause and now he is on the xmrv path…i think everyone in the community are going to be very down when the truth about xmrv is told and one thing for sure it has/will destroy other very serious research…i will stick to common sense and stay on and until serious research tells me any different…if i was told tomorrow i had chiari i would jump immediately on an operating table but i will never ever take ‘anal’ meds…..

    2. bharrpro says:

      Hey aidanwalsh..
      It is not a question of XMRV being real or not genius. It has been isolated from aggressive prostate cancers and detected in the blood of many very sick individuals.

      If your immune system is depressed, which most with CFS are, then the treatment of latent herpes viral infections (EBV,HHV-6,etc..)will lighten the load on the immune system allowing for a dramatic improvement of symptoms. Feeling better and being cured of CFS, or a retro viral infection for that matter, are two different things.

      Lets see how long the “cured CFS” people stay cured without addressing the retro infection.

    3. bharrpro says:


      You speak about lab contamination and your knowledge on antibodies. You don’t get a human antibody response from contamination and this is where your theory falls into the toilet. These antibodies were demonstrated and submitted by the WPI. Good luck chasing ghosts….

    4. XANDOFF says:

      I believe the real point is that there is an epedmic illness affecting millons of Americans and people world wide that is not receiving funding.

      There may be good and healthy debate on this complex illness, but let us all not miss the real intention of the ad. People are untreated. People are suffering. People are at risk no matter what your view of the playing field is. This is a killing field we are talking about.

      This illness has been maligned and propagnda has kept it invisible and untreated and unfunded. For so many people to suffer with an illness of this magnitude in the millions in America is a travesty.

      It is a threat. It needs to be funded now and people need to know that the gate keeps are not keeping the gate. This has been going on for twenty five years.

      Lets get the awareness out. Let’s get some funding and let’s give some respect for the people who are as sick as chronic heart failure or end stage Aids.

      We need more ME?CFS Research Now…just like the ad says.

      XMRV positive 9/19/10 sick for eight years+

    5. Troll Hunter says:

      Aidan Walsh is a troll who has posted on numerous comments sections on national and health press. He is deliberately inflammatory in order to make us, as a community, seem argumentative and unreasonable. Please, please do not feed the troll!

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