Muscle fiber characteristics, capillaries & enzymes in patients with fibromyalgia (FM) & controls

In 11 female patients with Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FS), biopsies from
the m. vastus lateralis were analyzed, in order to reveal any
possible changes which might explain muscular weakness and
fatigue. Nineteen healthy subjects served as a control group.
Light microscopy did not show any gross histopathological
findings. Fiber composition and fiber areas did not differ
between the two groups, except for a greater coefficient of
variation of the area of type II A fibers and of the mean
fiber area in the FS group. The number of capillaries per
square millimeter and also the fiber area in relation to the
capillaries, was lower in the FS patients. Analyses of enzymes
showed decreased levels of 3-hydroxy-CoA-dehydrogenase and
citrate synthase in the patient group. The reduced oxidative
enzyme levels and capillarization indicate reduced physical
activity, although this does not associate with muscle fiber

Lindh M, Johansson G, Hedberg M, Henning GB, Grimby G

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