National Fibromyalgia Association Returns to “Health Corner TV”


25 January 2006

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National Fibromyalgia Association Returns to “Health Corner TV”

The National Fibromyalgia Association will be featured once again on a special segment of “Health Corner TV” on Sunday, February 5, 2006 on the Lifetime Network channel at 8:30 am Central Time.

This is the second time that the NFA will be featured on the weekly ½ hour “news/infotainment” show that began airing on Lifetime TV in January. Prior to Lifetime, Health Corner TV aired on Super Station WGN.

According to Health Corner TV executives, the episode that featured fibromyalgia which aired last June, was one of the best received episodes of the season. The show received numerous emails from viewers requesting additional exposure to this under-reported health condition. “Viewers had a real connection with the topic,” said Kurt Walbrandt, producer.

The first segment on fibromyalgia, as well as the upcoming February 5 show also features an interview with Lynne Matallana, president and founder of the National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA), the largest nonprofit organization providing resources and education for people with fibromyalgia.

The February 5 segment will also re-air on March 19, 2006.

For more information on Health Corner TV, visit; for more information on the National Fibromyalgia Association, visit

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