New Dallas Based Trial of Experimental Drug Esreboxetine as Treatment for Fibromyalgia Mood and Pain – Now Recruiting

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Loading... listed this new randomized, double blind, crossover study on September 26 –

Title: A Study to Assess Esreboxetine's Effect on Psychometric Characteristics of Fibromyalgia (

Duration, Purpose, Location: This 11-week trial of experimental drug esreboxetine's effect on 'psychometric' characteristics of fibromyalgia is recruiting now and will be conducted via a trial center in Dallas, Texas.

What is Esreboxetine? Though information is sparse, it has been described as an experimental drug for depression. The trial will measure impact on mood and other "psychometric" factors, as well as pain, via questionnaires, computer based tests, and a daily diary. ID NCT00752505

What is a "Crossover" Trial? As participants in a crossover trial, one group of subjects would receive esreboxetine for 4 weeks and then cross over to placebo, and vice versa for the second group. Neither subjects nor those administering the doses will be allowed to know which group is receiving which dose at any time during the trial.

Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria: Fibromyalgia patients and healthy volunteers ages 18 through 65, of both genders, are needed. Major depression or suicide risk are key exclusion factors.

Contact Information: To learn more about the study and contact the trial organizers, go to the listing for this study – Identifier: NCT00752505 at