New Mt Sinai ME/CFS Research & Treatment Center recruiting now

On Oct 4, Dr. Derek Enlander, a New York-based ME/CFS specialist, reportedly told XMRV Global Action that he will be involved in a new ME/CFS Research and Treatment Center to be opened by Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York. 

Recruiting twins for first research cohort now:

Dr. Enlander also announced that he and his team at Mount Sinai are looking for patients with ME/CFS who are twins. According to his announcement:

• “The Mount Sinai ME/CFS Research and Treatment Center will immediately initiate its first research cohort.

• “This will be in ME/CFS genetic research. We are seeking patients who are twins.

• “If you are a twin or know of a ME/CFS patient who is a twin I would like you to contact me on my email

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