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New Science Sheds Light on Immune Deficiencies

What do 20/20, Oprah Winfrey, the Wall Street Journal, the Journal of the American Medical Association, Reader’s Digest, and Prevention Magazine have in common? They are all reporting on the dramatic reduction of seasonal depression in people who have used full-spectrum light therapy.

Interestingly, a small but high-tech Santa Barbara company on the cutting edge of the new science of light therapy has been producing products for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) patients for seven years now. However, what is exciting today is new evidence about how light therapy is affecting people with immune deficiency diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS), AIDS, Gulf War syndrome, cancer and leukemia.

Increasingly, studies are showing that the use of radiation-shielded full- spectrum light is contributing in many ways to the human healing process, both mentally and physically. How? Light has been discovered to be an important nutrient which feeds and replenishes the human nervous system (the body’s electrical system). In addition, important facts overlooked until now by modern medicine have shown that not only is the body made up of tissue it’s wired! And this wiring needs an energy source like cells need food.

Pharmaceutical companies have attempted to respond to immune deficiencies with new research on drugs and special nutrients, but according to the leading pioneer of full-spectrum lights, Dr. John Ott, light is also a nutrient which nourishes and replenishes our bodies, thereby strengthening our immune system. People with immune-system deficiency diseases are finding that sitting in front of light boxes which contain radiation-shielded full-spectrum lights is helping cure everything from overwhelming fatigue to sleep disorders which also impact the immune system. And with these in the presence of boxes, users are not exposing themselves to the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

A study on full-spectrum lighting from Alberta, Canada adds, “Direct therapeutic effects of psoriasis and leukemia through light-drug interactions. On the indirect side, light has therapeutic effects on jet lag and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).” And this is just the beginning. Plants, animals, and humans can and do thrive on this new source of beneficial light nutrients.

Throughout civilization it has been the sun that has bestowed its all powerful healing energy on everything it grows- humans, plants, and animals. And since earliest times, we’ve known that depriving people of sunlight (such as sentencing them to dungeons and/or solitary confinement in darkness) is extremely destructive to both the human body and mind. Plants and animals kept in darkness die. Clearly, man truly does not live by food alone, To deprive people of sunlight creates a state of malillumination, just as deprivation of food creates malnutrition.

Sadly, it is also a fact that the majority of Americans spend their working time indoors, in isolation from the sun they are now warned away from, and under distorted spectrum cool-white fluorescent light. These lights are not only known to cause eye strain, fatigue, headaches, increased absenteeism, and decreased productivity, but they also emit a steady dose of radiation.

Now, add this to the electromagnetic radiation many workers are also receiving on a daily basis from the front, top, back, and sides of the computer monitors which are frequently less than two feet away them(and we don’t even sit that close to our television sets!). One can easily see that these forces alone are just too much for the already overwhelmed human immune system to cope with. To make matters worse, a scientific study indicates that red cells in human blood clump into long chains and become oxygen- depleted after exposure to a video display terminal.

The good news is that after therapeutic application of radiation-shielded full-spectrum light, which is naturally absorbed by the human eye, the long chain of red cells is dispersed and the health-giving flow of oxygen to the cells is restored.

Another study revealing the importance of full-spectrum light was conducted by Dr. Fritz Hollwich in Germany. Dr. Hollwich observed the reduction of hormones associated with stress when full-spectrum light was applied. Because of his research, cool-white florescent bulbs have been I legally banned in German hospitals and medical facilities.

Along this vein, the former department head of Internal Medicine at Vandenburg Air Force Base, Dr. Jordan Goetz, uses a therapeutic full-spectrum light box on his desk to counteract the radiation he receives whenever he is using his computer. He also prescribes the light box, which has recently been regulated by the FDA as a medical device because of its effectiveness for depression, for patients who are depressed, whether seasonal or in general. Because light therapy is now becoming accepted as a mainstream psychiatric treatment, many patients are pleasantly surprised to find their insurance covers the cost of a full spectrum light system.

Dr. Goetz is also interested in initiating a new study. “I have a feeling,” he said in a recent interview, “that if we just put some full- spectrum fluorescent lights in intensive care units, it could have a positive effect on patients’ immune systems and overall health.” Dr. Goetz feels strongly that stress hormones released in the body by common fluorescent lights may deplete energy particularly patients who are already stressed, spending 16 hours a day or more under the lights.

After living under unhealthy, limited spectrum lighting and radiation for the past 40 to 50 years (and we are the first generations to do so), and knowing of its cumulative effects, it is hardly surprising that cancer and other immune-deficiency diseases are killing us off at a faster rate than ever before.

There are many studies that show sizzling results on the effects this new science of full-spectrum light therapy has on all living things as well as very favorable reports from people who have used boxes. One woman from the San Francisco Bay Area who founded a support group for people with Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome, wrote that the full-spectrum light box she used for two hours every day gave her noticeable energy from the first time she used it, and was resetting her biological clock gradually to allow her to have a more normal sleeping cycle. Her story is just one of many success stories.

Full-spectrum lighting solutions for health, preventive maintenance, and productivity are available for both private individuals and businesses. For companies, it’s as easy as changing their bulbs the payoff being a reduction in absenteeism and lessening the risk of accidents which cause already skyrocketing insurance rates to soar even higher.

An added bonus is radiation-shielded full-spectrum fluorescents are also extremely energy efficient, cost- effective because of the bulbs’ long life (It should be noted that cool-white fluorescent tubes are being banned from manufacture as of October 1995, primarily because of their inefficiency). For individuals, a full-spectrum, radiation-shielded light box is available in personal, portable models for use both at home and in the office (Remember that not all full-spectrum lights are radiation shielded, so shop carefully.)

Full-spectrum lights and the new science of photobiology are quickly becoming the non-invasive therapies of the future, today. Reducing exposure to the sun’s harmful rays only to come indoors to a polluted soup of radiation from artificial lights and computer monitors is no answer. Today’s indoor lifestyles mean that it is more important than ever that we become informed about full spectrum lights and their effect on our health.